10 Jobs / Professions that Require You to Get a CPR Certification -

10 Jobs / Professions that Require You to Get a CPR Certification

There are a number of jobs and professions that require individuals to get or have CPR certification. This is mandatory, as the concerning profession might be related to the field of medicine, hospitality and healthcare and public welfare. However, most jobs today require individuals to get CPR training and certification beforehand only. This prerequisite is no longer limited to health care sector only. Soldiers and trainers also require having CPR certification, as their profession is paved towards situations of respiratory and cardiac failure.

Here is a list of jobs/professions that require professionals to have CPR certification:

Nurse –Nurses must have CPR certification, expertise and skills, as their sole responsibility and duty depends on these elements. In the absence of a doctor, a nurse has to ensure cardiovascular safety.

Doctor – Doctors of course need to have CPR certification, as a basic requisite. At the end of the day, reviving patients is the major responsibility of doctors only, irrespective of the environment and place.

Fireman – Firemen are emergency response provider and they are known to save lives. Therefore, their profession makes it a mandatory requisite for firemen to be CPR certified.

Lifeguards – If a lifeguard does not have CPR knowledge and skills, then he or she should be fired instantly. The presence of lifeguards is must in beaches, pools, ships and others. They not only have to make sure there is the presence of water safety but also provide CPR.

Trainers and coaches – Whether trainers at the gym, dance trainers or even sports trainers, have to have CPR knowledge and skills. Since they are involved in working with children and adults who are either active to the core or are undergoing hardcore training, trainers need to ensure that none of their students experience any health crisis whilst undergoing training. Therefore, trainers must have CPR certification.

Paramedics – CPR and lifesaving is the premier requisite for paramedics. In this field, one has to get skilled in emergency cardiovascular care, pediatric advanced life support and advanced cardiac life support. Thus, this profession demands professionals to be CPR certified.

Hospital volunteers – Hospital volunteers need CPR certification and must be acquainted with CPR guidelines, since they are actively working in a hospital environment.

Police – Knowing about CPR and having the capability to use the CPR techniques is also a vital duty of police.

Medical technician – Though these professionals have no control over the machineries used in a hospital and clinical setting, but they might be required to provide CPR during emergencies. So, medical technicians too have to be CPR certified for doing their job.

Construction workers – As we all know, emergencies can occur anytime and anywhere. Construction site is prone to such accidents. Therefore, construction workers should know how to provide CPR to revive their fellow mates, who might suffer from cardiac arrest and ensure safety in their workplace environment.

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