15-Year Old Saves her Mother's Life Using CPR -

15-Year Old Saves her Mother’s Life Using CPR

In the last few years, teenagers have been making headlines by saving many through cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This has actually changed the mindset of the general population that teenagers cannot carry out CPR due to physical constraints. However, research has shown that children as young as nine years can perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, despite the fact that their physical strength may affect the effectiveness of this life saving technique. Read the article below on how a 15-year old saved her mother’s life using CPR!

Holly Seidell, then 15, a resident of Low Moor, Bradford, learnt CPR as a requisite in her high school health class but never imagined that this training would turn her into a life saver of none other than her own mother.

On 26th October, Holly while playing with her dog went into the backyard of her home. When she entered into her living room through the back door, she found her mother, Marla Seidell lapsed on the couch.

In her interview with Clinton Herald, Holly expressed that, “It didn’t look like she was breathing, I could see the whites of her eyes. Her lips were purple and her face was starting to turn purple.”

Holly Seidell told Clinton Herald that minutes before this incident, Marla Seidell who is asthmatic asked her husband, Sam Seidell, for her nebulizer since she was facing difficulty in breathing and then started getting out of breath. Sam Seidell called her daughter for help; however, Holly didn’t hear him as she was in the backyard with her headphones on. After getting into her living room, Holly saw her dad on the telephone calling an ambulance. She first run out to find some help; but quickly got back to her mother with the thought of utilizing her CPR knowledge.

Holly told Clinton Herald; “I started giving mom CPR on the couch, it had been a while but I knew what to do.”

Even though, Holly was trained to perform CPR on the victim lying on the floor, she kept on carrying out this life saving technique for several minutes. After the arrival of their neighbors Steven and Chris Johnson. Holly’s mother was placed on the floor, where she was given CPR by Steven Johnson until she resumed.

The Central High School in DeWitt required all the freshmen to take CPR certification as a precondition to pass their health class which helped Holly in saving her mother’s life.


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