5 Important Life Saving Signage -

5 Important Life Saving Signage

It’s important to recognize and learn about life saving signage. Some schools carry out health and safety classes to educate students how to read life saving signage. So what are life saving signage? Mostly these signs are easy to read and you might be familiar with some of them. For example the famous DANGER sign with skull and crossbones

..there are more signs you should learn and remember.



Laser Warning Signs

laserLaser machines require a lot of care when used. Lasers can cause an eye injury; therefore, you need to be really cautious while using them. In addition, you need to keep other people beware of the danger that can be caused by them. This is where laser warning signs are used. All the people that are handling laser machines in your work area require knowing about the hazard and laser warning signs can help you in doing that.





Biohazard Warning Label Use

Biohazard areas are quite dangerous as there are many such kinds of hazards that are not visible to a naked human eye. It is really crucial to have these kinds of areas marked with labels and signs of biohazard. When you affix biohazard signs and labels to waste containers and freezers, you are able to protect others from getting exposed to different diseases. By placing biohazard signs, you are able to alert the people that enter into dangerous areas. In addition to affixing sign boards, people must wear proper clothes and must follow the required safety procedures.

Radiation Symbols

radiationpngRadiation symbol contains the sign of a tri-foil that is being used as an international signage. This symbol is usually made on a yellow or a black background. The radiation symbols are posted in such places where such kinds of radioactive materials are operated or in the places where radioactive equipments are used. This sign helps in protecting people from getting exposed to dangerous radiations.

This symbol is utilized along with other messages as well for the description of variant natures of hazards. These sign boards are posted in sites that are radioactively contaminated during the processes of cleaning up. They can also be seen in medicine areas of hospitals and research facilities too.

Gas Cylinder Signs

Gas cylinder signs are used in such construction sites where dangerous gases are used. Therefore, it is really important to ensure that the areas of gas cylinder storage are safe enough. Gases can get quite hazardous because of the features of explosiveness and flammability. You can alert your workers with the use of gas cylinder signs. These signs state that no open flames and no smoking should be done in such areas for the prevention of explosions.


Fire Door Signs

firedoorFire door is actually an assembly that contains ratings of fire resistance that are utilized as a part of system of fire safety. This is done in order to reduce spread of smoke and fire between different compartments and for enabling a safe exit. The fire doors are considered quite important when it comes to maintain safety plans for fire. Therefore, if you have a building or a working area, you must place a fire door sign that can prevent you from any sort of emergency situation.

Besides these, there are  other kinds of live saving signs that must be recognized and used by you as a precautionary measure. We will cover them in some upcoming posts.


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