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ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support is a process through which patients experience and undergoing severe medical emergencies are managed, especially cardiac arrest victims. Through this course, you get to acquire skills and training required for using the procedure of handling these patients both safely and perfectly. The procedure involves advanced medical certification, training and skills, which healthcare personnel have, like doctors and nurses. ACLS certification courses are provided by numerous organizations that are premier requisites in the healthcare and medical fields. The courses are also available online, but few are authenticated by governing organizations. Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification course lays emphasis on the vitality of basic life support and CPR for survival. This is also inclusive of personnel in intensive care units, critical care units, in emergency response and emergency medicine.

American Heart Association is one of the most trusted and authentic providers of Advanced Cardiac Life Support or ACLS certifications. The course is available for both experienced and advanced providers. As per American Heart Association, ACLS is a classroom based program that includes demonstrations, workbooks, as well as, interactive training and skills. Through the course, you will get to learn about CPR and ECC or emergency cardiovascular care. You will get the certification only after passing both interactive and written examinations.

What does the certification course of ACLS include?

The course is inclusive of the following:

  • Skills for basic life support, inclusive of the use of AED and bag mask device, as well as, effective and proficient chest compressions.
  • ACLS key changes as per the AHA 2010 CPR and Emergency cardiovascular care guidelines.
  • Recognizing and undertaking early management of cardiac arrest and respiratory.
  • Management of airway.
  • Recognizing and undertaking early management of different peri-arrest situations, like, symptomatic bradycardia.
  • Relevant pharmacology.
  • Stroke and acute coronary syndrome or ACS management.
  • Communicating effectively as a leader and member of the resuscitation team.
  • Resuscitation team dynamics.

ACLS certification course makes use of learning stations that for practical purposes, especially related to vital skills that are needed for the simulation of clinical scenarios and encouragement of active participation. The class’ hands-on format makes sure the proficient skills and expertise are reinforced.

Over the years, American Heart Association has implemented constructive guidelines related to both resuscitation and treatment of cardiac arrest victims. Because of this, healthcare professionals, irrespective of the discipline they are involved in, have to collaborate with ACLS course.

In order to complete an ACLS program successfully, you need to understand the electrocardiogram reading. As an ACLS provider, you should understand the importance of causes for the restoration of systemic circulation.

How to acquire Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification?

Acquiring ACLS certification is not limited to BSL and CPR. The certification program offers healthcare professionals with prior knowledge, training, as well as, skills for making critical decisions in critical situations and emergencies, including the use of intravenous drugs, specialized devices and IV administration.

ACLS certification is mandatory requirement for nurses, doctors, healthcare workers and paramedics who are actively involved in cardiac units, emergency rooms and transport. Apart from these professionals, the certification is also applicable to firefighters, coaches, lifeguards, teachers and those who work with kids. The certification is a proof of your skills and training that are vital for making life saving and key decisions. Therefore, respective students of ACLS classes must be open to complete the training course, including physical components and written techniques present in various emergencies.

As mentioned above, AHA or American Heart Association ACLS’s governing body and it has made an outline of guidelines. These guidelines undergo changes every 5 years.

ACLS certification programs are offered by different medical facilities, organizations, local colleges, community centers, as well as, through the internet or online. They are also available via AHA.

Why it is important to get an ACLS certification?

It is a known fact that Basic Life Support (BLS) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) are critical for life-saving and starting the process of resuscitation. However, ACLS gives way to the real process of lifesaving. BLS and CPR are two disciplines that are developed for assisting patients to resuscitate and survive till the time professional assistances approach the scene. The professionals are those who have the advanced cardiac life support skills or ACLS expertise, as well as, necessary equipment to proceed with lifesaving process. The procedure of ACLS is inclusive of analysis, equipment and techniques of specialized order. They are further inclusive of administering IV’s and intubation. Prior knowledge and skills help a professional to handle emergencies that call for the use of specialized skills. ACLS provides that skill development and training and certification to undertake the entire procedure.

Some healthcare facilities and medical positions need up-front ACLS certification. Physicians and nurses are actively involved in intensive care units and emergency rooms. Thus, they need ACLS certification in order to become capable of undertaking the above mentioned responsibilities.


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