The Importance of Advance Directive and Organ Donation -

The Importance of Advance Directive and Organ Donation

In the vast darkness of space, something happened. Rocks crashed into each other, worlds were born, and microbes developed and started to move. We call this life, and all around the galaxy, life does exist. Still, it may not exist to our understanding, but it does exist. What we do know and understand is that life begins and life ends.

For humans, it begins in the warm, comfortable environment of a woman’s reproductive system. Over time, that life grows. It starts to develop a conscious, a brain, and a heart that beats, supplying nutrients throughout what is now called the body. This is called the process of aging, and yes it begins before birth. It is also called the process of dying.

It is a fact that as we get old, we are referred to as elders, and everything about us changes. Our vision diminishes as our taste changes; our bones become fragile and require the assistance of prosthetics to move. Even more, our brain starts to malfunction as simple words are hard to pronounce. Then, what we clearly understood as we were growing up that 2+2 = 4, we now have a warped understanding that 2+2 does not equal 4. Our heart beats around 35 million times per year. If you add a lifetime to that, which is typically 70 to 90 years, the heart will have pumped more than 2 ½ billion times. Quite frankly, it’s tired.

But looking before the elder years, the human body is fledgling, vibrant, and full of energy. The young body participates in rigorous activities, including sports that stretch its concentration and muscles to the limit. This is enjoyable; it is fun, it is healthy. However, what we need to understand is that this life that we have is not promised. It can be snatched away from this body as swiftly as it was developed.

For what reason would life be snatched away from such a vibrant energized young body? Typically, the answer is based on one short, simple phrase; a choice. Of course, the human body is subject to microbial infections, evil people, and true accidents that can take our lives. However, the vast majority of the life being snatched out of a young body is due to a choice.

Are we as human beings prepared for these unpleasant events, the kind that takes the life out of the human body? The answer is simple. Some of us are, and some of us or not.

So, How Do We Prepare Ourselves?

Nobody wants to die, and nobody wants to be sick. But what we need to understand is that during our lifetime, we became involved with other people. Those people include, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, grandfathers and grandmothers, friends and more friends. This is family, and it is also a generation of love.

Since the human body is so fragile and life can be snatched away at a moment’s notice, it is suggested and a good idea for you to make a decision on what happens to it before you or unable to do so. There will come a time when a crisis will occur to your body and you are unable to make a decision on whether to have emergency services stop or continue their efforts to restart that heart that has been beaten for so long. You should be prepared in the form of an “Advance Directive”.

An advance directive is a simple form that describes to healthcare workers your wishes on whether you want to prolong your life or don’t do anything at all. It is not a bad thing; on the contrary, it is indeed a good thing.

There are many people who are injured and dying from cancer, trauma, or some disease that has placed him or her in agonizing pain for many years and yet they do not have an advance directive. Their prognosis is terminal.

Today’s EMTs, paramedics, emergency rooms, and even the simple layperson that starts CPR on you are really good at what they do. There is a very good chance that your heart will be restarted and you will live a longer life in agonizing discomfort. On the other hand, nothing is free.

The attempts to save your life cost money, and the average ambulance transport, plus emergency room treatment, plus intensive care treatment, plus a stay in a hospital and rehabilitation, if any, can go well over $1 million. So, why put your family through financial burdens, and pain and suffering, when a simple advance directive can make things easier.

The body is done and cannot maintain a vibrant life like it used to.  The best thing is to save that generation of love from an extended period of pain. Once it’s all done, you can just rest assured that there is no more pain, and the family will be okay.

Finally, traumatic injuries occur to where only part of the body’s injured. However, the injuries are such that the vital organ that keeps the human body alive is no longer functioning. Here is where the decision should be made to help other people who may need other parts of your body. It’s called “Organ Donation”. There’s nothing wrong with that, because if your body decides to stop functioning, why not give certain parts of it that will keep other people who are sick alive to where they can once again have a vibrant life. You don’t have to know them. But understand, what you did was good.

Life began from darkness. It’s a vibrant energy that flows freely and yet it can be taken away, completely. Our choices that we make will affect us in many ways. It could be good, or it can be bad. The simple fact is, when our body needs assistance, this nation, and other nations that have been practicing emergency services around the world are getting better at it. Your life will be saved, or your suffering will be over, or you can save someone else’s life.

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