Does Age Really Matter? -

Does Age Really Matter?

For many of us, age plays a significant part in what and how we go through our everyday lives. We are born with a healthy heart, brain and all of the organs that supports them. Over time, those organs change and start to develop issues that we call an illness. This illness is not always as devastating as some people perceive it to be. Nonetheless, our organs have needs. However, as we age, we tend to develop routines that go against those needs. We slack and lounge around, we drink excessive amounts of alcohol, soda, and other sugary drinks. We eat foods that are laced with an extreme level of grease that raises our cholesterol and parks, aplaque on the walls of our arteries. Our arteries lose its normal elasticity for which we were born with and slowly hardens and weaken to the point that our blood flow is decreased. The pressure inside our arteries increases to the point of blowing up like a balloon. Then that balloon may pop, spewing our blood outside of those arteries and causing us to bleed internally. Is bleeding internally because of our age, or is it because of the way we live our lives?

As a child, we run, play, climb, and talk with what some call an endless supply of energy. Our parents make us eat food rich in vitamins and minerals that support the needs of our organs. But as we grow older and enter into our teenage years, that healthy eating diminishes. As an adult, we may have had some motivation from healthy people like athletes’ and movie stars. These types of people are role models who some of us would like to mimic from head to toe. Unfortunately, we have developed some bad habits and ignore those who are a representation of the epidemy of the future of humankind. Having these previous issues with lifestyle presents a problem as we grow older.

As an adult, the loss of elasticity in our arteries along with the walls of those arteries hardening culminated into a pinwheel effect. The entire body reacts by causing issues like, shortness of breath, tightening in the chest, neck, jaw, or back, and vision that is slowly developing into a dark impression of a black hole. The unhealthy food we have been eating decreased the normal peristaltic motion of our intestines to where the slow motion increased the size of our stool, making “going #2” extremely difficult. Even more, old age decreases our metabolism and with the combination of bad eating and lifestyle living, taking residents in a hospital becomes a normal past time, but who wants that?

Eventually, the time will come for healthcare providers to take extreme measures by rhythmically pushing on your chest and forcing oxygenated air into your lungs through a tube protruding from your mouth or nose. Why did this happen? Well, it is because you stopped breathing and your heart stopped. The help you received is called Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Yes, your body had enough of your years of bad eating, horrible drinking, avoiding enough water, and participating in a lifestyle of failure. The lifestyle I am referring to also include: smoking, not exercising, stressful argumentation, and failure to strive. To put it vividly blatant, your heart simply said, “I had enough of this crap! I’m out of here!”

Can all of this lifestyle behavior be changed or avoided? Well, when you look at those movie stars and athletes and learn some of their life stories, you will see that a change is entirely possible. You can’t change your behavior as you grew up in a challenging neighborhood, but you can activate a new thought process that can reverse some but not all of the internal damage that you allowed to occur inside your body. You’re not gone yet. Now is the time to think positive for your self-image and blood flow. Give it a try and see the results. You will find that age does indeed matter when it comes to your life and making decisions that will allow you to see your grandchildren and better yet, wake up in the morning.

What is the bottom line? The bottom line is you. The people around you may be healthcare givers and be really good at it. If your heart stops, he or she will start CPR on you and if things go really well, your life will be saved. But what’s to keep your heart from stopping again? Your lifestyle can answer that question better than the doctors who you will see when you open your eyes from a temporary retirement from life. Age does matter!

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