American Heart Association Stands in Favor of CPR in Schools -

American Heart Association Stands in Favor of CPR in Schools

As soon as the starting of next school year, Michigan students would be learning CPR and the usage of AED, given that 31 other states have already adopted it including Wisconsin.

Katie Theut, Authorized Training Provider for American Red Cross programs at NMU said that “This is a life skill, so anything that they’re able to use after high school is going to be key in making them a productive citizen.”

The House Bill 5160 is in the House Education Committee at present. Students are required to carry out the training anytime from 7th to 12th grades. This bill doesn’t have need of an official certification.

Barb Coleman, manager of the American Heart Association Basic Life Support Community Training Center at NMU said that “It’s more accommodating to the schools’ needs, the way the legislation is written. They can also just provide the training. They can provide the students with the skills.”

According to the American Heart Association, every year, almost 357,000 individuals suffer from cardiac arrest and only 8% live on. Hence performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation can triple the survival chances.

According to Theut, “it’s going to be part of job preparation for their future jobs. There are a lot of employers that require CPR as being an essential skill that they should possess if they’re hiring for a job.”–377477491.html

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