American Heart Association Issues the Life is Why: Family Health Challenge -

American Heart Association Issues the Life is Why: Family Health Challenge

The American Heart Association is actively offering ways for families to participate in this awareness campaign called “Life is Why: Family Health Challenge”. This campaign is launched in September, which is marked as the National Childhood Obesity Month to make the families become healthier than before.

The “Life is Why: Family Health Challenge” is a very simple 4 week challenge that educates families on becoming healthy and making healthier choices.

According to the Communications Director for the AHA of Iowa, Kassi Wessing, “The challenge is designed to raise awareness about a health epidemic – obesity.” She also explained that “One-in-three kids are overweight or obese these days, and it is the number one health concern for parents. So, we put together this challenge to help parents and families to not only raise awareness of the issue, but also to empower them to take charge of their family’s health and make these small changes that can lead to a bigger impact on their heart health for many years to come.”

Kassi Wessing describes the first challenge which is all about making healthier choices at the grocery store. According to her, buying vegetables and fruits at the grocery store is the key to start a healthier diet.

Wessing explained, “So often, we hear that it can be difficult to incorporate those fruits and vegetables, it’s expense, the kids don’t want to eat them. So we are trying to overcome those challenges and give you tools to help get more fruits and vegetables in your diet without breaking the budget, as well as fun, creative ways to get the kids to eat them too.”

The other 3 challenges include taking off sugary drinks, cutting down sodium in your diet and doing enough workout. For more information regarding the challenge, you can visit the Family Health Challenge website.


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