American Heart Association Designates the First CPR Smart School in New York City -

American Heart Association Designates the First CPR Smart School in New York City

With more than 900 people dying every day due to cardiac arrest in the United States of America, the American Heart Association strongly suggests that every student should take CPR classes at school in order to reduce the number of deaths.

On February 25th, 2015 Port Richmond High School became the very first “CPR Smart School” in the New York City. With the message that CPR can save life, the students of the Port Richmond High School are being introduced to CPR training in their health and physical education classes.

This initiative by AHA called “CPR Smart” is meant to introduce CPR training in schools so that students can recognize the symptoms of cardiac arrest and learn how to perform chest compressions on the victim and also how to use AED.

With the donation of CPR school kits from the AHA, all students at Port Richmond High School will be able to get themselves trained in Hands-Only CPR as a part of their physical education and health course.

On Wednesday 25th February 2015, the students show a practice CPR demonstration to Principal Tim Gannon and Borough President James Oddo along with the American Heart Association representatives.

According to James Oddo, “I’m pleased to shine such a supportive light on the CPR in Schools campaign. This program is a great educational opportunity for our students and will give them the chance to learn life-saving techniques. We hope this will inspire other Staten Island high schools to follow suit and get CPR training resources for their students.”

Moreover, Oddo’s director of health and wellness at Borough Hall, Dr. Ginny Mantello explained, “February is Heart Health Month, so this is an appropriate time to begin this training for students. When given right away to those in cardiac arrest, CPR doubles or triples survival rates, so this training is critical.”

The Principal Tim Gannon talked about the importance of learning CPR and told his students that, “You never know when you are going to be called upon to use this training, and possibly save a life.”

In accordance with the AHA, each year over 325,000 out of the hospital cardiac arrests take place in the United States and approximately ninety percent of the victims do not survive for the reason that they don’t get timely CPR.

Thus, “CPR Smart” is a great initiative from the American Heart Association that will certainly be helpful in reducing the number of deaths occurring in the country due to cardiac arrest.

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