American Heart Association Sends CPR Training Kits to High Schools -

American Heart Association Sends CPR Training Kits to High Schools

American Heart Association strongly recommends mandatory CPR training in schools all over United States. In this regard, AHA is now sending CPR training kits to high schools throughout the metro-east region. This initiative will facilitate high schools in teaching their students how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

On Monday 2nd March, 2015, a presentation ceremony was held at Belleville West High School where 2 training kits were donated to Belleville District 201.

Each CPR training kit is comprised of ten instructional DVDs along with ten inflatable mannequin torsos with air pumps for blowing. A clicking sound can be heard from the mannequin’s chest when CPR is performed appropriately which helps the user identify that CPR is carried out in an accurate manner.

American Heart Association’s representative, Renee Ades explained, “Once they have the right amount of force, it will start clicking. It’s very good practice for them (students).”

Moreover, Waterloo and Columbia High schools also received these CPR training kits on Monday and as announced by Renee Ades, some more kits will be donated to Collinsville, Cahokia and Mascoutah high schools in the month of March 2015.

All these kits are paid by a 3-year, $35,000 sponsorship from Scott Credit Union. The main purpose of donating these training kits is to help the area high schools in adopting the new state mandate that makes it mandatory for each and every student to learn CPR and the usage of a defibrillator.

According to Renee Ades, “It’s going to be very easy to use this equipment and achieve what you need to for the state mandate, we know mandates are tough, but we are here to help you.”

The school nurse at Belleville West, Cindy Thompson said, “We are so happy to have this (the kit) available to us.”

The high schools students who will learn CPR with the help of training kits provided by AHA will not get a CPR certification; however, no certification is needed for saving lives.

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