How to Become a CPR Instructor? -

How to Become a CPR Instructor?

Becoming a CPR instructor is a rewarding and challenging endeavor. You get to teach general people, paramedics and various other professionals about how to provide life support and CPR.

CPR Instructor – Role & Duties

CPR instructors (certified professionals) have to teach and coordinate people with the right CPR procedures for reviving an individual who is having cardiac arrest or emergencies related to heart or breathing. CPR instructors also have to coordinate both locations and schedules of different classes, clean and maintain equipment, transport them, evaluate the performances of students and more. Many instructors also work in association with medical centers and organizations like, American Red Cross and American Heart Association.

Steps Required For Becoming A CPR Instructor

The first and the most important step to become a CPR instructor, is to undertake CPR’s certified instructor course. The course is offered by different organizations – American Red Cross, American Heart Association and others. The CPR certified instructor course is available online too, which is a convenient deal for most individuals, as you can attend classes as per your schedule and have more flexibility. Different institution has its own curriculum and teaching procedure.

The next step is to consider few points, prior to enrolling to the course. Determine the cost of the course and evaluate and compare with courses offered by other institutions. Most of the time, the number of classes gets accommodated on the basis of the amount paid for the classes. Therefore, it will be ideal to research about the course and find out which parts are apt for you to take.

Those who are planning to enroll to online CPR instructor courses must make sure to attend at least few classes or even 1. Also check out for any pre-registration obligations attached to these online classes.

Once you have attended the classes, as well as, the certification classes and participated in the necessary examinations, you will have to move on to the next step that is inclusive of monitoring of your skills, knowledge and expertise. After your skills and knowledge are monitored by the concerning instructors, you can start to impart CPR knowledge, teach and train others.

Point To Note:

You can undertake the process of getting CPR instructor certification by first completing the CPR course’s Healthcare Professional level. This level has completion duration of 5 hours. After you have completed this level, you can move on to the CPR instructor certified courses.

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