Blended CPR Certification Classes - Overview -

Blended CPR Certification Training Overview

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a procedure for reviving patients who have stopped breathing and collapsed, most of the time because of sudden cardiac arrest. The procedure involves giving chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Many industries and fields of employment calls for professionals who are CPR certified, especially in the healthcare field. Coaches, teachers, construction workers, babysitters, nannies and others today need to know the basics of first aid and CPR and some also need to have certification in these principles. Few employers make it a mandatory requisite for employees and potential candidates to have CPR certification in order to avail employment in the concerning organization. Having said this, every one of should get training in CPR and certified with the same.

Life is completely unpredictable. 80% cardiac arrests and similar medical emergencies occur at home or away from hospital premises. The victims are none other than our loved ones only. In majority of cases, CPR is administered by bystanders. Through immediate CPR implementation, you can save not only the person’s life but get enough time for the arrival of medical professionals.

Why online CPR certification training course alone is not effective?

The two most important organizations that authenticate and provide CPR and first aid guidelines are the American Heart Association and American Red Cross. With the advent of internet, getting educated in different aspects of life and professional fields has become easy. There are different certification programs and courses available online. Same goes for CPR certification training programs. All you need is spend few hours in watching videos, reading manuals and going through tutorials and ultimately giving an exam online. After passing the online test, you are certified with CPR credentials and training. In spite of the convenience online classrooms offer to students – who otherwise don’t have the time to attend traditional classes –are not completely effective. Furthermore, major employers don’t approve or recognize the online certification programs. In the online courses, you cannot get the first-hand experience to utilize the techniques on real life emergency crisis (which is available through traditional classes). Along with this, there isn’t the presence of instructors to cite out your mistakes (if you make any) and guide you through the entire procedure of giving CPR perfectly!

CPR certification training courses blended with both online and onsite features:

Red Cross offers a blended CPR certification training course, inclusive of AED or Automated external defibrillator and first aid training classes. These courses suffice requires of general public, as well as, professional rescuers, workplace responders, healthcare providers, and school staffs.

A blended program is ideal for those who are acquiring CPR certification training for the very first time and also for those who need the hands-on skills for getting employment. Through such a course, you can take the training, and give examination online and then get your skills evaluated by a registered and certified CPR instructor. You can sign up online and get hold of all the basic supplies provided via online classrooms – manuals, reading guidelines, videos and tutorials.

The certified CPR instructors who will evaluate your skills, after you have completed the online training course and given the written exams, are certified by American Red Cross, American Heart Association, ASHI, Medic First Aid or any of the recognized programs, which are within the contours of OSHA guidelines, ECC and ILCOR recommendations.

What you will acquire through a blended CPR certification training course?

Online training is inclusive of a stipulated duration of training course. As per your own convenience you can come online and get the necessary knowledge and information.

Then there is hands-on practical class – you will have to attend at a scheduled place and duration and perform the acquired methods on a dummy or in a real life scenario. Your actions or CPR technique administration will be evaluated by a certified CPR instructor. After you have successfully completely all the 3 parts – online training, written exam and evaluation process – you will be awarded with a CPR certification!

Benefits of CPR Certification

CPR, first aid and AED certification programs are essential training sources that will teach you the ways and methods to respond to medical emergencies – Save life in the process!

The skills you develop and knowledge you gain through these certification courses are valuable to the core. For those who are constantly involved working with, in and around, elderly people and/or children, should get certified in CPR.

For the matter of fact – general public should get CPR certified. This is because, CPR is important. It is performed on individuals suffering from cardiac arrest and it also provides patients with a continuous oxygen flow that into his/her brain and lungs, until and unless he/she regains his/her consciousness.

CPR – Importance

  • With CPR you can save a person’s life
  • You can buy enough time for the arrival of advanced medical assistance and use of AED
  • The duration or survival duration of brain is only 5 minutes. If oxygen is absent even after this time span, the brain will get damaged permanently. Through immediate CPR administration, you will be ensuring the flow of oxygen to both brain and lungs of the victim and control the time in the process.

Heart ailments are the leading cause of death in USA. 95% succumb before even reaching hospital. Out of 90% cases of cardiac arrests, majority will be either a family member or friend (in need of CPR). Performing CPR on adults, infants, children and even animals involves different techniques. Therefore, getting CPR training or attending the class for certification courses, will educate you with these different techniques, and in the process boost your confidence in handling medical crisis emerging out of cardiac arrest, drowning, electrocution, choking and similar crisis that requires CPR. CPR – if done effectively and immediately will double the chances of survival of the concerning victim. Without timely and effective CPR, survival chances reduce by 7%-10%!

Get CPR/First Aid/AED certified and save a life. With the blended certification training course, you can work as per your schedule and convenience!

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