Book Review: First Aid for Babies & Children Fast -

This is one hell of a book for parents when your child needs urgent medical care. The step by step photographic illustration of different procedures makes it easy for everyone to understand. Parents, grandparents, babysitters and child care providers with limited or no training in medical care urgency can fetch benefit from this book. Even if you do not read the texts, the easy to read pictures will be more than enough to comprehend. Important points are color-highlighted for quick and easy reference.

The new edition covers 100 mostly faced childhood medical emergencies and solution to deal them quickly. Learn expert first aid tips from essentials of first-aid kit to the live-saving techniques. Sharpen your instant skills to handle crisis when your baby falls sick, gets asthma attacks and injured. Know what to check, when to call for professional help, what are the do’s and don’ts. Knowing these initial and instant tricks does not mean you have mastered doctor’s job. But you can take the necessary measures instead of panicking, when the doctor is not near.

In short, this book is a complete package, revised with all upgraded first aid techniques. So, it is a must have piece in every home. In addition, if you are falling short of a birthday gift, this book can ideally make up for it.

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