Book Review: First Aid, Survival and CPR -

It is tough to find up-to-date information these days. Whatever you read, you sense that you already knew it! Thank God, you cannot say the same for this book. You will simply love this mini waterproof and reusable home and pocket field guide. The book is rich in fresh tips and info on every sort of emergency that you may encounter. The simple English, comprehensive yet compact illustrations and clear charts and pictures can be easily understood by an average adult or even by a teenager.

It is well-ordered with tab segments including topics like fundamental safety needs, medical tips for pets, evaluation, CPR and choking for humans, injuries and wounds, environmental crisis, bites and stings emergency for humans and pets, a dedicated sections on natural disasters, marine-life attacks, outdoor survival dexterities and much more. The safety tips are highlighted for easy reading. Most interesting section is the myth busters, and ways to chase away old wives’ tale.

Focusing on the visual package, the book looks extremely cute with its waterproof colorful cover and mini size. It easily fits in a mini drawer glove box or even in a first aid box. Being waterproof, this book can be your best friend during boating or camping.

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