Checklist for Fire Evacuation -

Checklist for Fire Evacuation

Emergencies and accidents arrive unannounced. It should be everyone’s responsibility to prepare for the worse. For example, if we knew what to do or not to do when fire breaks out or how to handle and revive a person who had a sudden cardiac arrest – we can save many lives, things and properties. If you have a checklist for fire evacuation, you can save a lot of lives and properties, if at all there is fire.


Checklist for evacuating from home:

  • First and foremost, you have to shut all doors and windows, but don’t lock them.
  • Turn off lights and shut down gas.
  • Second step is to keep all flammable things away, like curtains, shades, shutters etc. If your shutters are made of metal, close them.
  • If your furniture is inflammable, then keep them away from doors and windows.
  • Shut off all electronic devices and appliances, especially air conditioners.
  • Make sure to keep one of the lights on, as an indication for the firefighters.
  • If you have any flammable things outside your house, either move them next to the pool or get them inside.
  • If you have a barbeque appliance that runs on propane tanks, make sure to keep the propane tanks away from the appliance, but not without turning off the tanks first. Keep buckets filled with water and in and around your house.
  • Remember to turn off sprinklers because they might cause hurdle in the water pressure.
  • Everyone should have ladders at home. If you have one, keep it at the corner, for quick accessibility by the firefighters.
  • Store an emergency supply kit in your car and drive it to the driveway, but not without closing its windows and doors.
  • One thing should be in your priority list, when creating a fire evacuation checklist – pets. Remember to keep your pets with you only and ensure that they don’t wander off. The best thing to do is to relocate animals or pets, as well as, children to a safe area.


Preparing for a fire evacuation requires proper planning and strategizing. The most important thing to do is prepare an escape plan. Look for an alternate route for escaping, in case the situation worsens. Add to your checklist – storing of important certificates and documents in a safe place, for example, birth certificates, insurance papers, cash etc.

If there is an evacuation order in place, don’t resist it whatsoever. Stay put with every member of your family, and keep a close eye on the kids and pets, and always remain together. Keep mobile phones and emergency equipment with you always.

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