Do your Choices affect your Children? -

Do your Choices affect your Children?

Television, movies, friends, acquaintances and addicts have influenced our lives ever since we were a child with an impeccable need to learn. We grew up and either went into a direction that we created which could be a positive career-minded direction, or we followed the advice of the negative images and voices that caused us to be incarcerated, in the hospital, a quadriplegic or paraplegic, or homeless on the cold streets of a large city. Even more, we decided to grow a family with one or more children; children that stare at our faces and picks up on every good or bad habit that we do. Those habits include smoking, drug use, stealing, arguing and fighting, drinking alcohol, and spending time in prison. Those, unfortunately, are the bad habits. Our children also pick up on the good ones, such as eating right, exercising, getting educated, smiling, running, showing compassion to those in need, and simply being a good person.

What we pass on to our children are our wits and the way we want them to mimic us. We are leaders, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, who are amongst an ever-growing family tree. We reach out to them mentally as they reach out to us in the same manner. Therefore, what we show them is an extension of ourselves. It is a mirrored image of who we are and what we have become from our parents, and our parent’s, parents.

If we have not become the person we wanted to be or dreamed of, including achieving that amazing career, it does not mean that our children will not reach the goals they set for themselves. A realistic goal can be achieved by anyone, and with a little help from the people whom we love and who loves us, those goals become an accomplishment. Here are some examples of what careers your children can achieve, and it can start while they are in grade school:

  • Athlete
  • Police Officer
  • Teacher
  • Scientist, Astronaut
  • Firefighter
  • Paramedic
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)


Although there are thousands of more careers to choose from, it certainly beats ending up as an addict or spending time in the hospital or prison. Once our children began their journey into this human life cycle (and it begins inside the mother), the time to show them how much we love them is now. Each day parents neglects their children; an opportunistic scoundrel can set your child’s direction into an unwanted and unequal non-parallel direction, filled with negative discourse. We don’t want that and as your children grow older, he and she will develop a negative impression of their parents. He and she will blame you because you did not give it your best and allowed outside forces to influence them.

Today, think about what your children’s future will look like tomorrow; think about what you have become or is becoming. Your choices are strong and have a lasting effect that cannot be denied by your children. They will look up to you; they will find comfort under your powerful arm; they will believe everything you say to them. So, now is the time to put that cigarette away, and if you are going to drink alcohol, do it respectfully and responsibly. Don’t allow yourself to fall between the lines of despair when your only escape is to lie, cheat, steal, or hurt someone. Let it be known to your children that this is the good life and as they look forward into their future, the good life can be owned by them.

For the many times, I have spoken to middle, high school and college kids, many were brought to tears because his and her parents did not show them all the good things life has to offer. The truth is, life is sold, purchased and distributed by you. So, look into the future and tell me what you see? I will tell you what I see and that is in the eyes of every child who have parents and yearns to have someone who cares for them. What I see in their eyes is a statement. That statement simply say; “help me and teach me the righteous and lucrative way of life. Don’t teach me how to kill, steal, cheat or die in agonizing pain. Teach me how to live a life of peace, happiness, and sharing.”

Finally, the child who learns from you every day of their young lives gives this final statement:

Yesterday, I wasn’t here.

Today, I am growing inside my mom

Tomorrow, I will see the light of day

And as time progresses, I will ask questions pertaining to where I came from.

The truth is, I never asked to be here

Was it your intentions for me to be part of your lives?

If it wasn’t, mom and dad, it is time to fear

And if that is the case, my heart will hurt and forever, my soul cries

You’ve aged to have children and grandchildren

What you’ve done along the way was a choice, good or bad

I saw and heard everything you did, so your choices do affect your children

For all of you, make the choices good; for indeed your children will be glad…

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