CPR, 911 & Teachers! -

CPR, 911 & Teachers!

It was only after the death of Keith Coty, a 6th grader that the policies of who and when to call 911 in a school environment came under scrutiny. With a reputation damaging law suit slapped against the management of Seminole Heights Elementary School, it’s time we re-evalaute what comes first, procedures or a human life? Keith’s distraught mother is of the opinion that has the concerned teachers made timely calls, her son would be alive and well today. In an unfortunate series of events that left a 6th grader dead, the debate now arises regarding procedures and policies that are implemented in school regarding circumstances like these. Coty’s family hired a professional lawyer to deal with their case and he believes that what happened could have been prevented a hundred percent!

Teachers at the school were not allowed to call 911 on their own,” Maher said. “All 911 calls had to go through the front office with the consent of the principal.” Maher said it took 34 minutes after Coty first complained of a severe headache and began vomiting profusely before a 911 call was placed from the front office. Maher said the nurse did not attempt CPR on Coty even though he wasn’t breathing and didn’t use a defibrillator. “Had 911 been timely called, and CPR and or the defibrillator used, Keith would be alive today,” he said.

This case is heart breakingly  similar to that of Isabella Herrera, who also died due to concerned adults following procedures rather than calling 911 immediately!

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    September 28, 2016 12:23 Reply

    Keith Coty was six years old and I’m second grade. Please make the necessary corrections

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    September 28, 2016 12:25 Reply

    Keith Coty was six years old, and in second grade. Your post states more than once “sixth grade” in error. Please make the necessary corrections.

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