Traditional CPR VS. COVID-19 CPR -

Traditional CPR VS. COVID-19 CPR

With the current world pandemic of the COVID-19 virus and those who are needing to maintain CPR certification a lot of information has going up and down the pipeline on what is “DOABLE”. According to large curriculum names such as American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Health and Safety Institute, American CPR and National Safety Council – CPR certificates are given a 120 day grace period on recertification. 

There are also other practices that are being utilized such as blended learning options. Many of the name brands above you can take an online portion that is a precursor to the hands on skills session with a certified instructor. These are convenient to staying at home with a short time in a classroom limited with others.

The instructors for accredited curriculum such as Red Cross and American Heart are requiring instructor and students wear masks and adhere to social distancing. Class sizes are now limited to six students per instructor.   Instructors are being required to utilize a 1:1 ratio with students / Manikins to reduce potential spread of any viruses or germs. 

With these practices in place there are ways to take CPR and get a certification during this trying time.

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