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CPR Certified Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that there will be 21 percent career growth for self-enrichment education teachers in the next 7 years. CPR instructors are identified as such professionals, so they will likely benefit from the said employment growth in the US. One of the main reasons why CPR instructors will be in-demand until 2020 is due to the fact that the government is becoming more aggressive in their advocacy to reduce the number of deaths caused by sudden cardiac arrest. Every year, thousands of Americans die due to cardiopulmonary diseases, making heart attack one of the leading causes of death.

However, taking a CPR course may not be for everybody. So, you need to make the right choice before pursuing a CPR training course in your area as you do not want to waste your time and investment in a career that you cannot be in it for the long haul. Similar to other education jobs, becoming a CPR instructor is a passion and a noble vocation. So, for certified CPR professionals who don’t know where to start after earning your license, here’s a list of some work settings that you may consider applying for.

Work Settings

Any healthcare professional is fortunate enough to have quite a wide variety of work settings to work at. A few examples include in a hospital, private practice, physician’s clinic, fire department, child care center, and in a home healthcare institution.


Certified CPR professionals can work in a hospital’s emergency room as a member of the emergency response team. They are the first to arrive at the location where the accident happened to provide first aid and CPR to the victims. CPR professionals are the specialists when it comes to resuscitating any victim who is suffering from difficulty of breathing or heart attack. In simple terms, they are the first line of medical responders to improve the chances of the victim’s survival from a fatal accident.

Private Practice

Armed with the right teaching experience and financial support, a certified CPR practitioner may establish an independent CPR training center within his or her community. You must be trained by the American Heart Association and OSHA to be become an eligible CPR instructor in your area, as these national organizations have set their respective guidelines for CPR training as part of the due process for ensuring you will only provide quality education, display competence and proven teaching experience.

Fire Department

There are some selected firefighters who are trained to become CPR or paramedic specialists. If you have passion for securing public safety and protection in a different way, becoming a firefighter is then the right career path for you. As a licensed CPR, you may opt to apply in your fire department as an emergency responder.

Child Day Care Center

In most cases, US states require child care center owners to have their teachers or personnel trained in CPR, first aid and AED. The OSHA requires at least one teacher to be knowledgeable of CPR while he or she is working in a day care center as part of the public safety and protection program of the government. This is why child care centers normally hire CPR training providers to conduct training on their site to meet the state requirements otherwise they won’t get the approval of the authorities to fully operate.

Where to find CPR Jobs

By this time, you should have an idea where you want to work and practice your profession. The next step is to locate these job opportunities and try your luck there by applying. Since you have earned your CPR license already, you will have no choice but to work within the state you are in right now. The first thing you should do is to check out the local job market.


There are job sites online that are specifically designed for the allied healthcare professionals. One example is DoctorCPR.com. The said site is where the latest medical classified ads are posted and you can find a load of job opportunities available throughout the country. You may use health & safety instructor, CPR instructor, or CPR as keywords when browsing through the website for information.

One of the good things of using doctorcpr.com as a job source for certified CPR professionals is that it offers a wide variety of job search options. You can post jobs, classifieds and resumes or search for these information while able to use their top career tools that are available at an affordable price. This is similar to any other job sites where you have to register your email and receive updates and invites from your prospective employers.


Originally a job site for all types of nursing-related careers, Concentra is also a recommended job source for available careers in CPR, sales and marketing executives. Concentra now has 400 job roles available, giving you a good chance of finding the right career path that you may consider to pursuing. However, currently, some states like those in the northern part of the country have no jobs posted on the website. Despite this fact, Concentra still remains one of the largest sources of healthcare-related jobs in the US. The company boasts over 310 medical centers across most states, most of which seek nurses, physicians, emergency responders, medical administration assistants and physical therapists.


This website is another job source for CPR instructor jobs. Although beyond.com provides job posts of all fields, the website has a variety of CPR-related jobs posted on their page. You just have to type in the keyword “CPR instructor” for example to find the latest job ads related to your career path. You can also find it by state or by job function, making the job search easier and more convenient.

Additionally, you can also rely on other popular job search websites like Simply Hired, Job Hunt, Job Source, LinkedIn, among many others.

In summary, the job outlook for CPR instructors and other self-enrichment education teaching jobs look great within this decade. Now is the time to undergo CPR classes and training and earn your license in the state where you want to pursue a long-term career at. However, with 21 percent increase in career growth, you should also expect that the competition will be tight against your fellow job seekers. So, make sure to gain that upper hand over other candidates by earning all certifications related to your career, plus the relevant work experience.

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