Why would we need a CPR Channel in America? -

Why would we need a CPR Channel in America?

United States of America is becoming the centre of an epidemic of futile CPR. It is due to the fact that families and patients who need to call for or perform CPR are mostly not familiar with what they require. Since there are two types of CPR; the good and the bad: CPR that can be helpful and CPR that can be harmful.

Hence, should we need to watch CPR videos? The literature and facts indicate that we should; however, are we in a need of a “CPR TV?” As a matter of fact, people need a lot more CPR talk radios, since the CPR channels shown in majority of doctors’ offices only show silent movies. Moreover, good videos mostly show unattempt conversations on the subject of futile CPR. On the other hand, it is time we need early and regular conversations on the subject of dying, earlier it takes the lives of the ill people and anxiety substitutes reason. Death must not be a shocking ending to a deadly illness.

Futile CPR is an insignificant penalty that leaves behind insignificant suffering. Hence, there should be no punishment for dying; however, some still are. In this regard, CPR videos are even now being played in a number of hospitals in America, and who knows very soon they come up with the much needed “CPR Channel”.


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