Performing CPR during COVID 19 Pandemic -

Performing CPR during COVID 19 Pandemic

With social distancing still going on around the world, businesses are beginning to open. These businesses are rehiring employees who were either laid off or furloughed. In some other businesses, employers are hiring new people who are eager to work but may not have prepared for the proper requirements that are needed which may come up with an audit. One of those requirements may include credentials in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). For some of those people, finding an instructor to teach the class may be difficult due to the current national emergency of the COVID 19 virus, and the current protesting that sometimes turns to an unlawful and destructive gathering that may bring harm to individuals. Yet, employers still require those credentials.

It should be known that in this vast world of sickness, chaos and destruction, classes still exist. In many areas of the country, and the world, instructors are following the safety rules of the World Health Organization (WHO), and their local authorities. In some areas of the world, social distancing, wearing mask, and washing hands still exist. In addition, mannequins are disinfected after each use. Therefore, classes can be taught with confidence in knowing that credentials are still being handed out, and rioting has decreased significantly but yet lawful gathering still exist. However, with the rioting and looting, hardly anyone was wearing a mask and a surge of COVID 19 patients may emerge from the crowed.

Even with this COVID 19 surge, CPR is still a technique that will make a difference in someone’s life. COVID 19 is not a terminal disease for everyone, and just because someone has a cold, cough, or fever does not mean that they will test positive. Therefore, provide life-saving assistance because you may have extended the life of a victim who will forever be grateful. But some asked questions pertaining to when to start CPR on a victim when a gathering or rioting occurs.

If a situation exists, where personal harm is inevitable, it is best to disregard CPR attempts. Only start CPR when you feel that you are safe. In addition, if you start CPR because you feel that it is safe, remember that situations change. For instance, the scene has become unsafe thereby causing you to leave and seek a place of safety. No harm is bestowed upon a rescuer if he or she find that they are in eminent danger. However, the call for help must go out. If you feel that it is safe to do CPR, do it without delay or hesitation. That decision is life or death, and if done quickly and without delay has the best potential of saving someone’s life. Furthermore, doing CPR does not mean that COVID 19 has been spread to the rescuer.

When a person performs CPR, he or she does not have to provide mouth to mouth ventilation. However, this does not mean that you have not been exposed to COVID 19. After all, you will use gloves and place a mask on you and your victim. But if you feel that you may have been exposed by helping another person you can get tested. In each state and city, provisions are available to get tested either by self-test or by getting tested by a healthcare professional, and remember, a positive test does not mean that you now have a death sentence. You may not even get symptoms, and if you do, symptomatic treatment may work just fine. Therefore, do not let the threat of contracting COVID 19 keep you from helping someone else, including a member of your family. If you use the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including a double nit or any other mask as precautions, you should be fine.

CPR is a skill that is taught and re-taught. It is required by some businesses and it comes in handy as a technique that will save lives. The national emergency should not be a reason to forget or disregard this amazing technique that is simply done with your hands, cellphone or any communication device. The skill must be started promptly to make a difference in someone’s life. All family members and friends will find that learning this skill provides a high degree of self-satisfaction. Take the class and bring other people with you. The more people who know how to do CPR indicates that there will be a high degree of lives saved.

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