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Renewing Your CPR Certification

CPR certification comes with duration of 2 years. Once your certification expires, you need to renew it. Performing CPR is not a regular thing. Hence, there are high chances of forgetting or getting out of practice of the process. It is because of this, CPR certification comes with a specific duration. As per American Heart Association, as well as, American Red Cross, it is important to renew CPR certification. It is in a way a process of sharpening your knowledge and skills again. If your CPR certification is almost on the verge of expiration, preferably a gap of 6 months, you immediately need to get it renewed.

You might think why it is important to renew your CPR certification after every expiry.

The answer is simple – It is always best to prepare and gear up for combating emergencies!

Very few people with CPR certifications are capable of passing skill tests after a year of completing their training course. Recertification is important because through it, you get a chance to hone your skills and update your knowledge. Furthermore, CPR guidelines keep changing and with recertification, you get to update your skills and knowledge with the concerning changes. Apart from this, there are certain jobs that come with criteria of having valid certification. Therefore, it is necessary to renew CPR certification. Renewal of CPR certification is a hassle-free process. It is neither expensive nor time consuming. In fact, doing so will give you the opportunity to save someone’s life!

How to renew CPR certification?

You can renew CPR certification through numerous ways. If you are certified under the American Red Cross or American Heart Association, you can either challenge the respective course of retake it via any one of their programs.

In the challenging course process, you don’t have to take up review material task. All you need to do is pass the examination. The concept of review course is nothing but a material review task that can be completed by giving an exam.

Whether you are undertaking courses through the American Red Cross or American Heart Association, you need to undergo in-person skill evaluations prior to getting CPR recertification. Therefore, it becomes difficult and at times, near to impossible to renew CPR within a short span of time. If time is constraint, you can renew CPR certification through the internet.

Online CPR certification renewal

CPR classes are available online. When the classes and training options are available through the internet, options for renewing CPR certification will also be available online.

How to renew it online?

Renewing CPR certification means retaking the classes and training protocols and also giving exams after the completion of a CPR class. First and foremost, you need to find an online CPR course, especially one that meets your requirements. The internet is flooded with online CPR course providers. Even American Heart Association and American Red Cross offer online courses.

  • American Red Cross provides a combination course online. You can avail instructional course via their website or online and practical or hands-on training will be done offline. An instructor from the organization will visit the site of your preference and train you with the necessary skills. There are other online sources that offer CPR recertification options, which are accepted nationwide and are available through the internet only. You can choose from amongst these online sources. They are inclusive of infant/adult CPR, adult CPR and/or healthcare provider.
  • When undergoing CPR recertification online, you first have to sign up and register in the chosen online source. However, you must determine the authenticity of the source prior to providing your details for security purposes.
  • Once you have registered online, you will have to read the course materials. All information and materials are accessible online only, mostly in the PDF format. You can download materials from the website to your computer or laptop and read them as per your convenience. The best thing about taking up an online CPR class or even a recertification process is that you watch videos and evaluation resources online only.
  • After running through all the materials and resources, you will require taking up the online exam. If you are unable to pass an exam at first, you can retake it without paying a dime! (Most online providers offer such options)
  • After you have successfully passed the online exam, you will get your CPR certification. Since it will be available online, you can get copies printed. In fact, it is recommended to get copies (as many possible) printed.

Precautions to be taken, when choosing an online source for CPR recertification or renewal

Beware of companies that simply give false promises or stress on the fact that they are authentic. They might turn out to be scams. You need to choose an online source that offers nationally accepted classes or courses. Check out when the provider will give a verifiable business license or not.

When you are opting for an online source, make sure to find out first, whether your institution will be accepting certification from such online sources or not. This is vital because most of the online providers do not provide hands-on skills training. However, if someone is renewing CPR certification, then the absence of this part will not be big of a deal, because the person will be adept to hands-on training experience and have the required skills. You can also completely skipthis part of the course and directly take the exam online.

Renewing CPR certification is a mandatory deal. Many professionals need these certifications, including coaches and teachers. However, regular individuals should have CPR certification and have the requisite skills to administer them during an emergency.

With the presence of online classes for CPR, it has become easier for busy people to get trained and knowledge in CPR and First Aid implementation process. You no longer have to bunk or ditch important appointments in order to visit an institution or class. You can get your CPR certification online and renew it after expiring through the internet only!

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