CPR Training For Construction Workers And Site -

Construction work requires the highest level of safety and insurance for the same. Construction workers and those active on site, need to be well acquainted with procedures and first aid protocols for handling onsite injuries. As per OSHA – US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 17.6% fatalities of workers took place in the construction industry. Amongst the causes of such fatalities, the most common ones were electrocution, sudden fall, being injured by objects, machinery and/or construction materials. Most of these medical emergencies require instant attention and CPR administration. Therefore, everyone in the construction industry must get CPR and first aid training on a mandatory basis.

Many organizations and companies are offering construction CPR training programs, which include comprehensive and affordable training and certification courses. Stress present in onsite job, increases cases of medical emergencies. If every worker is trained and skilled in CPR and first aid, construction firms can bar off fatalities and ensure the life of their workers. Construction workers and those active onsite can enroll to a basic CPR course. Numerous options are available in respect to CPR courses – CPR, AED, BLS etc.

The most basic CPR programs include CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator). This particular course covers infant, children and adult CPR, unconscious and conscious choking and AED. This is ideal for onsite and construction workers. The basic CPR and AED programs are mandated by American Heart Association and they are of 2 years-duration. Construction and onsite workers can also opt for the BLS certification course. This course covers every aspect of CPR and AED and includes advanced techniques too.

CPR training and expertise is critical for construction and onsite workers

First aid kits and equipment will not prove effective, if a person is ill-informed or ignorant about the right methods of handling medical emergencies. A construction site is vulnerable and accident prone. As mentioned above 17.6% fatalities occur in construction sites, due to electrocution, injuries caused by machinery, materials etc. and falls. Instant CPR can save a worker’s life, if he/she has been electrocuted or had a fall, as a part of first aid implementation. Every worker should be highly acquainted with at least basic CPR and first aid.

With prior knowledge and expertise, safety and security can be insured in a construction site and decrease the rate of fatalities. Furthermore, construction workers are under a lot of pressure and they are continuously involved in handling heavy machinery and materials. Therefore, it is only evident that stress and pressure can get one of them. Thus, basic first aid and CPR can save lives of our construction workers and help restore security at the same time.

More and more construction companies and firms are making it a mandatory requisite for potential candidates to have a CPR certification, in order to land a job in the construction industry. CPR certifications are recognized only if they are from premier organizations – American Red Cross or American Heart Association. The certifications are living prove that the concerning candidate had undergone constructive training and given the respective examination in order to acquire a certification. Therefore, construction workers – both active and those aspiring to become one – should take up the CPR training course not out of any rule but out of sheer safety and humanity assurance!


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    I wish to know if it possible for me to obtain a Bachelor on safety and security at construction sites on line.
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