CPR Training for Dentists -

Studies reveal that the medical emergencies in dental practices can happen more often than anticipated. Choking and suffocation are the primary causes for heart attacks incidence during dental procedures. Patients may swallow hazardous stuff in course of dental procedures causing the victim to choke. On the other hand patients may suffer from suffocation or may cease breathing which becomes life threatening if not treated on time. A trained dentist responds swiftly for the provision of impetuous treatment to the patient.

Cardiac attacks are generally time bounded leaving small room for the responder for initiation of resuscitation. The survival chances of the victim double if dentist instigates the resuscitation process immediately. The trained dentists have appropriate skills and training to cater such life threatening situations. Trained dentist follows pragmatic approach for the resuscitation. The CPR process starts by opening an airway followed by breathing and compressions. The trained dentists stay tranquil making the best decision on the basis of their knowledge for the recuperation of patient. Trained dentists are competent to ascertain the essential indicators of cardiac attack. They assess the stipulation of patients, entailing the treatment they require.

Rhythmic chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation are the basic techniques adopted by the rescuer. Generally the rescuer goes for chest compression for supplying oxygenated blood to the body whereas mouth to mouth resuscitation is essential for delivering oxygen to lungs. The rescuer provides uninterrupted compressions to the sufferer for the effective convalescence. Trained dentist don’t hesitate in calling up the doctor if the condition of the patient deteriorates.

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