Essential CPR Training for Health Care Assistants -

Healthcare assistants are the caregivers for those who are retrieving from debilitating illness. Health care assistants are the proletarians who work under an eye of nurses and other medical professionals and are highly recognized by their salient traits like compassion, prudence and amenity. Health care assistants are the manifestation of benevolence that escalates the recuperation of patients. Health care assistants have to provide great care that varies with the needs of the patients. The obligations of health care assistant include bathing, wound dressing, feeding, toileting, walking and bedding. Monitoring temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and glucose level are other prominent tasks of health care assistant. They also maintain the patient’s contact records.

Cardiac arrests are predominantly increasing around the globe. Such alarming circumstances require the health care assistants to be proficient in lifesaving training like cardio pulmonary resuscitation. As the health care aids help their patients in feeding, sometimes choking may lead to cardiac arrest. The cardiac arrest may also arise due to suffocation and drowning. These assistants are the responders who take discrete actions to resuscitate the victims from such situations.

As health care assistants deal the patients regularly, so they are in the best position to facilitate the sufferer by delivering the best possible CPR. Studies have revealed that the brain and heart can deteriorate in span of four to six minutes; thus deferral of an instant can be detrimental. The health care assistants monitor the blood pressure and pulse rate to determine the consciousness state of the patient.

Health care assistants are the primordial witness of patient’s distress, so they are the initiator of CPR. Cardiac arrest is of unanticipated nature complemented by pressure and anxiousness. Certified health care aides keep themselves calm and composed. This is the stage when they make best use of their critical thinking for the assessment of the situation. The certified health care assistants are resilient in initiation of resuscitation. The health care assistants prompt response can be life saving for the patients.

The certified health care aides fulfill the requisites of such life threatening situations. They follow the strategy of recognition of emergency, calling their supervisors and the initiation of CPR. As health care assistants are the abecedarians among health care personnel so they seek the guidance of their supervisors. They expect their seniors’ assistance if the situation ameliorates, but chest compressions are not aborted.

They initiate rhythmic chest compressions and make dexterous use of pumps to reestablish the circulatory flow in body. They utilize oral resuscitation that is mouth to mouth resuscitation to keep the body oxygenated; this technique minimizes the likelihood of brain damage.

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