CPR Training for Nursing Assistants -

Certified nursing assistants work under the supervision of registered nurses and are also recognized as nurses’ aide or orderlies. Certified nursing assistants are the medical aides who devote themselves for the recuperation of the patients. They congregate the regular observations regarding the routine progress of the patients and bring the details to their supervisors. These nursing assistants are responsible for daily chores of patients like bathing, feeding, wound dressing, measuring the pulse rate and temperature of the patient. They assist their seniors by handling equipment. These assistants are caregivers who are compassionate towards patients by judging patients requirements and facilitating them socially as well as emotionally.

Certified nursing assistants deal directly with the patients so they must be cardio pulmonary resuscitation certified. It is the nursing assistant who witnesses the victims of cardiac arrests and become an immediate responder. A trained certified assistant can easily cater the instantaneous needs of the patient. Studies revealed that the patients who are resuscitated within four or five minutes in CCU and emergency unit have better chances of survival as compared to those who are deprived of such immediate care. Cardiac arrest obliges time sensitive treatments, so prompt actions are advocated as lifesaving. The survival of the patient relies on the preliminary actions of the responder rather than the physician and the cardiac arrest team whose arrival can be delayed. The suspension in immediate CRP can be deadly. Mouth to mouth resuscitation and rhythmic chest compressions help to keep the body oxygenated thus resulting in minimal likelihood of brain damage.

The certified nursing assistants prepared themselves for all the abrupt situations. A certified assistant keep hold on nerves in such crucial situations. The performance of the CPR is always complemented to the vigilance of the nursing assistant. The trained assistants do not resist in catering emergencies. The cardiac arrest is an unanticipated crisis that is generally dominated by nervousness and urgency. The certified assistants recognize the complexity of the situation and utilize their abilities to add valuable minutes to the patient’s life. The assistants take appropriate steps like recognizing the alarming situation, informing their supervisors and providing initial CPR to the patient.  They know how to give the primary treatment to the patient in dire situations. They can also identify various life threatening circumstances where the condition of the patient is critical. In such situations, the specialized assistants remain placid and assist their seniors for a fruitful outcome. They can help their supervisors in utilizing equipment like breathing apparatus and oxygen tanks to fulfill the need of the patient. The success of the CPR lies in the synergy of nurse assistants, nurses, doctors and patients.

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