CPR Training for Professional Counselor -

A counselor is a facilitator who provides emotional, professional and educational guidance to the indecisive individuals. They facilitate the individuals in resolving traumas by dealing them with empathy and affection. Counselors motivate emotionally distressed individuals, making them self reliant and self contingent, empowering them to take big decisions of professional and personal life. Counselors are responsible for nurturing confidence and self esteem among individuals for a successful life. Counselors arrange regular therapy sessions with the client to explore their feelings relating to past experiences and helping them in recovery from those ordeals. Counselor assists the individuals in exploring their skills and abilities improving their self belief.

Every giver who is responsible for the safety of the folks is obliged to be CPR certified. Generally people visiting counselors are emotionally or professionally stressed-out and discussing about the bitter experiences of life may put them under stress generating feasibility of heart attacks. Under such life threatening situations a CPR certified counselor can facilitate the patient in getting out of crisis by providing timely resuscitation. Studies reveal that chances of cardiac attacks among stressed people are far greater than the non stressed people.

CPR certified counselor are trained to cope with the medical emergencies by keeping their nerves calm and incepting the resuscitation process. Resuscitation of cardiac attacks is always time bounded generating an urgent need for prompt measures. Nervous to initiate the resuscitation from an ignorant counselor may defer resuscitation process making the condition critical. As every minute is crucial for the survival of the patient, the counselor responds expeditiously.

Generally counselors are the one who recognize the symptoms of cardiac arrest are in best position to provide impulse treatment to the sufferer. Since the medical practitioner generally takes time to reach the spot, the trained counselor acts as an immediate rescuer for the survival of the sufferer. The CPR training is highly significant under crisis where negligence from the counselor can be deadly. A CPR trained counselor is capable to provide effective resuscitation that proves life saving for the sufferer.

CPR trained counselor are well acquainted with the resuscitation procedures. They are capable to perform resuscitation with conviction leaving no place for ambiguity. Mouth to mouth resuscitation and rhythmic chest compressions are the popular resuscitation techniques adopted by the counselor for endurance. CPR certified counselors are trained to administer the precise and uninterrupted chest compressions for the productive recuperation of the sufferer.

CPR certified counselor can assure endurance as they can provide timely treatment to the patient necessary for his survival.

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