CPR Training for School Teachers -

School teachers have to deal with children of all ages and while imparting education is the teachers primarily role, she is also responsible for the safety of the children in the classroom.

Nowadays teachers with certain training certificates are hired on the jobs. CPR training is now mandatory for the employees at workplace. CPR certified teachers have more likelihood to be employed than the teachers who are unfamiliar with such trainings. This certification is of utter importance because emergencies can arise at any time uninformed, so one must be prepared to cope with these emergencies. CPR certification helps the teacher to predict the situation when CPR is needed. Students indulge themselves in serious troubles while playing in recess, on field trips or in classrooms. Sometime swimming may lead to drowning which can be life threatening.  A trained teacher can assess the urgency of the emergency and will initiate the resuscitation.  Emergencies may cause obscure situation for the responders but a trained teacher can start the resuscitation confidently leaving no room of anxiousness.

As teachers work around the children so they are initial responders to the emergencies. The certified teachers remain calm and composed during such perplexing situations. They know the different steps of CPR to confront the emergency. Certified proficient makes the best use of his/her cognitive thinking to make discrete decisions.

The success of the CPR is related to the quality of the rhythmic chest compressions. Student is laid down straight on the ground and the teacher starts compressing the student’s chest. Uninterrupted continuous compressions are necessary as it will flow the oxygenated blood in the body. A trained teacher knows the depth of the compressions to be applied. The deeper compressions may injure the ribs of the pupil.

The later step is to exhale in the child’s mouth. This is known as mouth to mouth resuscitation. This step is important because exhaling in the child’s mouth makes the air to reach to his lungs and make it work.  Timely CPR can save a child’s life.

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