Ebola Prevention Tips for Kids -

Ebola Prevention Tips for Kids

Ebola HF or ebola hemorrhagic fever is a fatal disease, with unknown origin. Ebola disease’s outbreak in West Africa has created global trauma. Children are at high risk in getting transmitted with Ebola virus, since their immune system is weaker than the adults. Therefore, we need to get acquainted with the ways of preventing the spread of Ebola amongst kids, irrespective of the fact that the virus is still now restricted to the African countries.

With proper knowledge, information and steps, you can protect yourself and your children from its fatal effects. Before learning about the ways of preventing the spread of this disease, we must first know how it spreads. Ebola virus is transmitted and spread in different ways. However, the most common way that the disease spreads is via direct contact with someone who has been infected with the Ebola virus, through bodily fluids, like, secretion, blood etc. The symptoms of Ebola disease do not occur immediately after the transmission of virus. Therefore, taking precautions will limit the spread of the virus.

As mentioned above, children are more susceptible to getting transmitted with the deadly Ebola virus. Therefore, we must make it a mandatory deal to take utmost precautions for our kids. The second step is to avoid taking kids to regions where the Ebola infection has been suspected. Reports of victims getting infected in Europe and the US are emerging. So, if you are planning a vacation to Africa, post-pone it till the time this epidemic comes to an end.

The third step in the prevention of Ebola virus infection amongst kids is to avoid any kind of contact with infected individuals. As mentioned above, the virus spreads through infected people; you should keep kids away from Ebola patients. Even if a patient succumbs to the disease, one must not let any kid to even stay in the same premise where the deceased body is kept. The next step is to avoid the consumption of meat from a wild animal. Research and studies suspect the origin of Ebola virus to be from animals. Not only consumption, you should keep your kids away from even touching wild games or being near them.

These are few of the vital steps towards to the prevention of Ebola infection amongst children. Apart from these, we must also be well informed about the symptoms of Ebola HF. The most common symptoms are experiencing headaches, fever, aches in muscles and joints, feeling weak, loss of appetite, ache in the stomach, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, coughing, getting chest ache, rashes, hiccups, having sore throat or finding it difficult to swallow or even breathe.

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