Electrical Injury First Aid -


Electrical injuries and emergencies happen when someone gets on contact with electrical current. Getting electrocuted can be fatal as the electricity can disrupt breathing and also cause heart cease. Electricity also causes severe burns on a victim both from where it enters and from where it leaves the body, forming a full circuit.


High voltage current is immediately fatal. If someone gets in contact with one of those high tension wires, there is almost no possibility of recovery.


Anyone can get electrocuted by appliances at home or office. And given that these appliances use lower voltage vs commercial high voltage current, the effects can be dangerous and fatal too. Kids are usually at most risk as they can access to open wires and plugs without knowing.


  • Switch off the power source (in case of domestic low voltage current)
  • If you cannot switch the current, stand on some wooden panel /board and use a wooden or rubber based stick to separate the appliance/wire etc from the casualty. Wear rubber gloves if available.
  • Call Emergency services immediately.
  • Never attend the victim until you are told that the power has been cut off completely, by some official. Till then keep a distance of at least 20 yards from the victim who has been electrocuted
  • Open airway of the victim and check for breathing and follow CPR procedure

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