How to Protect People from Electrocution? -

How to Protect People from Electrocution?

Electrocution occurs from a high-voltage energy level. The electrocution can come from a lightning bolt, wires from power lines, Capital punishment (in some areas), illegal methods, and from electrical outlets within the home, or business. The path of the electrical impulse travels from the least resistance and finds an exit from a grounded source. The electrical pathway could bounce off many organs including bone before it exits from the body. Depending on the type of electrocution, internal and external burns can cause massive destruction of tissues and organs. It is important for healthcare providers and non-healthcare providers to find the entrance and exit wounds of electrocution. However, the most important aspects of helping someone electrocuted is to make sure it is safe before they are touched or examined. In other words, if the reason for the electrocution still exists and is touching the victim, stand back, call for help, and do not touch them. Electrocution is for the most part unintentional. So, who are the type of people electrocuted?

The people who are the most highly trained in electricity which provides power for cities are the ones who are likely to be injured. One main reason includes carelessness. These types of people are the ones who can train other people in recognizing dangers within a home or workspace. In the home, the type of people most likely injured would be a person taken a bath and listening to a radio or musical device plugged into the wall. This device is situated next to them so they can reach it to change the channels and by accidental reasons, the device falls into the bathtub. Electrocution is instantaneous.

When children get electrocuted within the home, one main reason is that he or she discovered the wall outlet and stuck a metal device within an opening which causes electrocution. Sometimes this type of electrocution is not fatal and causes superficial burns. Nonetheless, the child must be evaluated by a doctor in an emergency room. Although there are other reasons for electrocution that occurs in the home, the main reason is carelessness.

People who are struck by lightning are lucky to survive. Those people who are struck by lightning and don’t survive have suffered a massive external and internal burn injury which also affected their heart. A scientist has found that the heat of a lightning bolt is hotter than the surface of the sun. Hence, the total body surface burned after being struck by lightning. Even more, there is an old saying that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place. Lightning striking in the same place is exactly a saying because lightning does indeed strike in the same place or close proximity, and it may or may not be consistent.

To avoid being struck by lightning, one must seek shelter inside a home, under a bridge, inside a vehicle, or taking shelter in a cave, or tunnel. Standing out in the open during an electrical storm is extremely detrimental. Electrocution is most likely going to occur when someone has a metal object in your hand or waving it in the air, and you are grounded. Quite possibly at sports events, athletes may be struck by lightning because they are in an open field.

Those who survive lightning strikes are the lucky ones. However, the damage to the body during the lightning strike may be lasting. Many times, people that were struck by lightning go into cardiac arrest. It cardiac arrest occurs, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) must be started but in a safe place. Furthermore, some say that CPR is useless after a lightning strike. On the contrary, CPR is effective as if someone is in cardiac arrests which have not been struck by lightning. CPR is crucial, and it must not stop until advanced life support arrives. No one knows the true outcome when CPR is in progress, but the possibility of survival is well above zero.

Caution is a high consideration within the workplace and the home to protect people from suffering electrocution. Choices that are good during a storm will also protect people from electrocution. It is wise to have a professional (someone from the city’s electrical department) inspect your home and advise you on ways of staying safe and keep your children safe. These services from the city or available to assist in making your home safe. Also, private agencies who provide electrical services to your home can also be included to inspect your home and make it safe. Take advantage of the opportunities that are there. All it takes is a phone call.


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    Marcelyn Thobaben
    February 14, 2018 13:12 Reply

    Very informative and I appreciated the frequent encouragement for prevention in the home. As safety professionals and EMTs, we often focus on providing the after-injury care/CPR, etc., but may be too soft on prevention. Please encourage EVERY business and organization to purchase AEDs and train their staff in its use.

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