You are Smart, they are Smart, and Nobody is Dumb! -

You are Smart, they are Smart, and Nobody is Dumb!

A long time ago, we as human beings discovered that we are intelligent. We learned that we could bring our most superficial thoughts into reality. We also learned that we could bring our dreams into a formable testimony of success or failure.  We are not dumb; not in the least. We are smart because we do things from not just abstract thought, but from an organized collection of cerebral activity that translates into comprehension. This ability of intelligence began as we were developing inside our mother. Perhaps, it was even before that, but the scientific community doesn’t think so. However, the scientist doesn’t know everything.  Nonetheless, we are a species that live on a drive to learn.Unfortunately, there are some of us who look at another with despair, inequality, and susceptibility. You know who these people are? A simple term could refer to them as “mean.” However, the proper term for these people is “Bullies.”Believe it or not, being a bully is an occupation.

As you can see, there appears to be an infinite number of occupations. Each one of these occupations has a specialty. Some specialties serve the public, and some are detrimental to the public. This detrimental behavior may have come from bad traits or a lack of values from parents, and these bullies see people who they consider inferior to them as someone to push around. As a youngster, the bullies take someone’s’ lunch, slap them around, and humiliate them in front of others. The person bullied is scared and afraid to push back. I know this behavior because it happened to me.

It was 1968. I attended Birdie Alexander Elementary School, in Dallas Texas, and being African American was a target for most of the Caucasian kids. Many times Iwalked home from school;five Caucasian kids savagely beat me. The number never changed. It was always five of them. No matter which way I went, where I tried to hide, or how fast I ran, I was beaten. Each time, I didn’t cry. In fact, I didn’t say a word.  I often wondered if I was scared;I probably was but to this day, I can’t say for sure.

Each one of the kids who beat me had something to say. Their words were hurtful, hateful and threatening. I wondered, if I were to fight them back, would they leave me alone? Or, maybe I should have asked them why they want to beat me. I know that race had nearly a hundred percent to do with it but what of the remaining percentage? Is there another agenda?  Is it because these kids considered me dumb with no intelligent thought at all? Or is it an organized collection of cerebral activity gained from a learning experience? Either way, as I was getting beat, it felt like the world had stopped turning. I wanted to say goodbye to my mother because I didn’t think I would survive.  But each time, I walked away, bloody, aching, and spitting blood, but I never cried.

We as human beings are intelligent but cruel. As time progresses and we gather information into our cerebral cortex and learn the difference between right and wrong, perhaps we can ask for forgiveness. Perhaps we will just let it go and hope that person who we will never see again can see their past behavior as a temporary period of unintelligence because as an adult, we know better. Certainly, our minds think and our hearts hurt but does it make a difference, today?

To be a bully is unintelligent and it portrays a level of voluntary misconception; a misconception that hurts and scars the memories of those affected.  Nobody is dumb. It doesn’t matter if you have been diagnosed with retardation, illiteracy, or have suffered a brain disease from a lack of oxygen due to a difficult gestation or trauma.  And, the color of our skin, sexual orientation, nationality, or the types of clothes we wear shouldn’t make us a target for ridicule. So, for the bullies who shelter and call this world their home; you are threatening a person who also lives here. That person is smart,and that person maybe the one who saves your life in the future. To be frank! That person may hold an occupation that gives her or him the power to change the world from bad to good. So, find that person you bullied as a child or adolescent. Find that person and apologize and thank them for the opportunity to allow you to think about it, after so many years.

You are smart, they are smart, and nobody is dumb.

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