First Aid Certification Course Overview -

Everyone should have certain skills and expertise in administering first aid, after all, medical emergencies and accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. First aid training programs are available both offline and online. Most of them are accredited by either the American Red Cross or American Heart Association. Through these courses, you will gain both knowledge and practical experience in providing effective first aid to a victim.

Today, many employers, communities, schools, colleges and other industries are making it a mandatory criterion for employees, members and others to take up first aid training. The training programs vary as per requirements of the concerning organization or industry. The standard or basic first aid course is called Emergency First Aid and it is applicable to different people, from students, employees to healthcare professionals. You don’t have to have any kind of educational qualification or certification to take up the Emergency First Aid course. These courses provide you the basics.

There are online organizations that offer different levels of First Aid courses. Some are within an industry specific module, while few are advanced resuscitation modules, designed specifically for hospital employees.

First aid courses–

  • Standard first aid and CPR – This course offers first aid, as well as, CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills for individuals who require training because of work needs or people who want to acquire knowledge that can help them in responding to emergencies occurring at home. This course is inclusive of CPR and first aid guidelines (current ones).
  • Emergency first aid and CPR – In this part of the course, you will get an overview of skills involved in implementing CPR and first aid techniques, especially within a home or workplace environment.
  • CPR/AED – Through this part of the course, you will get to learn and train with skills in CPR and become capable in recognizing, as well as, responding to different cardiovascular choking and emergencies for children, infants and adults.
  • Wilderness and remote first aid – This part of the course, provide you knowledge and training to work on non-urban environment.
  • Pre-hospital emergency care or PHEC – This is an advanced training course for first aiders who are certified. This is an ideal course for those who are in need of advanced skills or PHEC qualification for work related purposes.
  • Child first aid – This particular course is recommended for family caregivers, parents and grandparents as well. For childcare workers, this is an ideal and recognized qualification.
  • PeopleSavers – This is an advanced training program that provides knowledge and techniques about safety awareness, as well as, first aid skills that to elementary level kids.
  • Babysitting – Through this course, you will learn about the basics of caregiving and first aid skills, especially if you are between ages 11 and 15 years. You will learn ways to provide care and first aid to children and also techniques on preventing and responding to different types of emergencies.

It is important to learn and get acquainted with essential CPR and first aid skills, especially in current state of health conditions of different people, where life is completely unpredictable!

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