First Aid for Choking Baby -

 Here’s a quick step by step process to respond to a choking baby

  1. If a baby is distressed, shows signs of becoming weak or stops coughing (or breathing, lay him lace clown on your forearm with his head low and support his back and chin. Give up to live sharp back slaps between the shoulder blades.
  2. Check the baby mouth, remove any obvious obstruction with one finger. Do not run your finger blindly in the throat
  3. If this fails, turn the baby on to his back and give up to five chest thrusts with two fingers. These are more vigorous than chest compression and should be given at a rate of one every three seconds. Also check the mouth.
  4. Do not use abdominal thrusts on a baby If the obstruction still has not cleared. Repeat steps 1—3 three times, then take the baby with you to a hospital


Carefully remove any visible obstruction from the mouth. Attempt up to five mouth-to-mouth ventilation, Continue the cycle of back slaps, chest thrusts, Mouth checks and ventilation attempts until the ambulance arrives or the baby resumes breathing.

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