First aid for hanging, strangling, and throttling -

If pressure is exerted on the outside of the neck, the airway is squeezed and the flow of air to the lungs is cut off. The three main reasons or causes why this could happen are:

  • hanging, suspension of the body by a noose around the neck
  • strangling, constriction around the neck
  • Throttling, squeezing the throat. Hanging and strangulation may occur accidentally for example, by tie or clothing caught in machinery. Ranging may also cause a broken neck, so the casualty must he handled carefully.

How to recognize?

  • There may be a constricting article around the neck.
  • Marks around the casualty’s neck where a constriction has been removed.
  • Uneven breathing, impaired consciousness; grey-blue skin (cyanosis).
  • Congestion of the face, with prominent veins and possible; tiny red spots on the face or on the whites of the eyes.

What to do?

  1. Immediately remove any constriction from around the casualty’s neck, Support the body while you do so if it is still hanging
  2. Do not move the casualty unnecessarily in case of spinal injury
  3. Do not destroy or interfere with any material, such as knotted rope, that police may need as evidence.
  4. Lay the casualty on the floor. Open the airway and check breathing.
  5. If she is not breathing be prepared to resuscitate
  6. If she is breathing, place her in the recovery position


Call an ambulance

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