First Aid For Shoulder Dislocation -

Shoulder dislocation happens due to inflammation or damage of our shoulder joint’s connective tissue. This causes displacement of the bones present in our joint because of a strain forced experienced on the surrounding area or the joint. The primary reason behind the occurrence of shoulder dislocation and similar injury is the force exerted on joints of the shoulder. Most of the time shoulder dislocation takes place amongst individuals involved in sports activities. However, injuries can also take place if someone falls on an outstretched arm.

A dislocated shoulder hurts a lot. Ask anyone who had this injury and you will know the ordeal the person had to undergo due to a dislocated shoulder. The surrounding muscles in the shoulder joint experience a spasm, for which the injured person finds it difficult and painful to move his or her arm. Patients also experience a nipping sensation in their joints when shoulder dislocation takes place.

Treatment for a dislocated shoulder

The initial treatment is meted out for reducing the swelling and bringing the humeral head back to its regular position. Different types of methods are used for the purpose, but on the dependence of the patient’s condition. Closed reduction method has higher success rate. This method is absent of any kind of surgery. The other method is called open reduction, which uses surgical methods for repairing shoulder dislocation.

First aid for shoulder dislocation

A dislocated shoulder requires immediate attention. So, the first thing to do is visit the Emergency Room!

 The patient must take necessary precautions when moving around. He or she should not try to move the arm. When treating at home, one must take care of the way a patient is being handled. Place a rolled blanket or a soft pillow between the patient’s chest and upper arm. You can also wrap around a towel on his or her upper body, thereby, binding the patients arm with it. The best thing to do is make the patient wear an elbow sling, which is at an angle of 90 degrees on the injured forearm.

How to control the swelling?

In order to control the swelling, you need to apply an ice pack on the effected area for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Follow the process for at least 6 to 9 days or until the swelling is reduced.

As mentioned above, the patient should visit the emergency room, where medical personnel will administer the right diagnosis and treatment. The doctor will first try to move your shoulder for putting it back to its normal position. So, don’t get alarmed or scared. However, it will not be a painless experience. You might have to wear a shoulder sling for few weeks, till the achievement of positive results. If a patient continues to experience shoulder dislocation, aches and pain then he or she will have to get surgery done.

Treating shoulder dislocation is not an easy or a subtle affair. The injury itself is a painful experience. So, a patient needs to be patient to the core, during the entire diagnosis and treatment process!

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