I Got the Flu Shot, But Yet I Got the Flu -

I Got the Flu Shot, But Yet I Got the Flu

Healthcare providers around the world are advised to get the flu shot, each year. The reason for this is because he and she are constantly caring for people with various diseases and injuries. When you think about this, it does make sense because once you are exposed to the flu, more than likely, you will get it. And once you get it, you can spread it to your loved ones.

You won’t know when the bug enters your body but over a period of time, depending on your immune system, perhaps 3 to 5 days you will begin to develop symptoms, such as a runny nose, sore throat, hoarseness, achy joints, and perhaps headaches. Some of the most severe symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness and perhaps diarrhea. It really depends on the type of flu that entered your body. So why get the flu shot, if you’re going to get the flu?

Well, this is a big world that we live in. We are surrounded by numerous germs and diseases. These germs and diseases have names. However, some don’t. Therefore, we must recognize that there is more than one attack on our bodies. Yes, the flu comes in many forms. Fortunately for us, a federal agency called the Center for Disease Control (CDC) identifies the worse form that has been taking people down for the count. The agency cooked up a vaccine to prevent us from getting the worse of all the flu. Therefore, after getting a flu shot, the flu that you get is more than likely not the one that has been taking people down.

So let’s take a look at exactly what this flu is…

Well, first of all, it is a virus, regardless of what you may have heard in the past about it being a bacterium. Viruses are hard to treat, especially when it has reached its maturity, inside the body. The recommended people to be vaccinated are the little ones, over the age of 6 and up. Moreover, the vast majority of deaths occur at over 65 years of age, which accounts for 90 percent. Typically, the people who die from it are the ones who decline to get the vaccination. However, it doesn’t mean that people with weak immune systems will be okay, should they contract a lessor threat of the virus.

The shot is seasonal, and it is supposed to protect people from the stronger version that is most common during a typical flu season. Most people find that getting a flu shot is useless so they declined to get it and suffer the consequences. Of course everyone has their own beliefs and values but consider the significances. It is nice to go home, knowing that you got a flu shot and that you’re not going to affect your loved ones with the worst kind that’s out there. We must remember that the little ones and the old ones are susceptible to diseases because their immune system is not that strong. The flu along with other personal medical problems could amplify their condition tenfold. When it does it yields a very uncomfortable life to the point of misery, sometimes.

Some people believe that they can get the flu from providing CPR to people who suffers from a cardiac arrest. This is true. However, the American Heart Association (AHA) has made it clear that mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is not as important then chest compressions itself. Of course using gloves is a great idea but most of us don’t walk around with those in our pocket. So to make things perfectly clear, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a safe maneuver to do on people who have the flu. Just disregard the mouth-to-mouth portion and allow complete recoil of the chess to permit blood flow to the brain.

Finally, new bugs are found every year. So far, our immune system has been triumphant in protecting us from them. Unfortunately, some of the medications there were used back in the era may not be as effective on these bugs today. What is agreed-upon from all medical authorities is to have a regular workout routine. This includes at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times a week, plenty of rest, and eating food that is conducive to your immune system.

There is not a failsafe method because nothing is perfect. But research has found that people who exercise tend to have a stronger immune system that defends the attacks of those bugs, and he and she have a tendency to live a longer life.

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