Fundamentals of First Aid Training -

Fundamentals of First Aid Training
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What is First Aid?

The first assistance or treatment that is given to casualty. First aid may be administered by a bystander, a friend, or by a certified medical professional. Once first has been given, the first aider may need to arrange for secondary medical help such as a doctor or an ambulance.


What are the aims of first aid:

  • To prevent the injury form worsening
  • To save lives
  • To promote early recovery

The First Aid Providers Tasks are:

  • To find out what has happened
  • To be aware of any dangers and deal with them appropriately
  • To deal calmly and efficiently with an injury or condition
  • To arrange the next stage of the casualty’s care; this may mean making sure that casualty can get home, advising rest or arranging  for the casualty to get to the hospital.

What Equipment is necessary?

No special equipment is required however having a first aid kit is useful. A good first aid provider will be able to utilize items that are available

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