American Heart Association Launches the "Go Red for Women" Campaign -

American Heart Association Launches the “Go Red for Women” Campaign

American Heart Association launched the national movement called “Go Red for Women” to eliminate stroke and heart diseases in women. According to the reports, every year one out of three women expires due to cardiovascular diseases, which denotes that approximately one woman is killed every minute.

However, the good news is around 80 percent of these cases can be prevented through education and changes in lifestyle. This campaign “Go Red for Women” is an initiative supporting further research and more prompt and swifter actions for the heart health of women. “Go Red for Women” connects the power, passion and energy women have to join up for collectively ending stroke and heart disease. It makes them understand their risk for strokes and heart diseases and to make a start to lessen their personal risk. It also offers them the tools required to live a super fit heart-healthy life.

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