Google Joins American Heart Association on a New Research Project -

Google Joins American Heart Association on a New Research Project

Google is now turning its attention to find out new methods of fighting heart diseases. The American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products has recently come up with a new research group called Google Life Sciences which is teaming up with the American Heart Association in a $50 million new research venture.

This project was announced on Sunday 8th November at a heart association conference held in Orlando.

According to Google Life Sciences’ chief executive Andy Conrad, “Heart disease is the world’s top killer, a problem that seems ripe for new innovation and disruptive, unconventional thinking. Progress has been slow and we should shake it up a little bit.”

Conrad also said, “Besides cash, Google has tech tools to offer such as sensors to monitor the health of people in the wild versus just when they go to doctors and huge capabilities for data analysis. The company is aiming for a cure. There’s no guarantee of success, but the only thing we can promise is that we’ll try harder. By early next year — Valentine’s Day, “a big heart day”— a team from Google and the heart association hope to pick a project leader, who might be a cardiologist, a nurse or “a teenager from Wisconsin,” depending on what skills and ideas that person can bring to the table. The team is looking for a maverick.”

According to the chairman of the Stanford University School of Medicine and a member of the heart association’s board, Dr. Robert Harrington, “The venture really allows us to think about … doing research in a different way. Traditional research has brought only incremental improvements in heart disease treatment. We are trying to do something disruptive here.”

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