CPR training for Grandparents and Blended Households -

CPR training for Grandparents and Blended Households

Are you among the thousands of families that have multiple generations living under one roof? As many of my friends, we have more families that are living together with parents taking care of their children and grandchildren as well as taking care of the grandparents in the home. It is not uncommon to see an elder couple living with their child that also has kids and grandkids in the home. With this many people in the home, are they taking preventive measures to be prepared in the event of an emergency? The reason I say this, is the grandparents raised their kids differently than their children are raising their kids. Society and safety norms have changed over the decades and lets discuss some of the things that may be best practice in multigeneration homes.

If you are unsure weather or not to go through a full service CPR/AED/First Aid course there are options to help you prepare in the event there was an emergency with your multi generations under one roof. Take a seminar, there are often companies that will do demonstrations and seminars that are much shorter than a full hands on CPR course. There are also hybrid classes you can take, where you do some simulation online, then meet with an instructor to do the hands on skills. There is also a box set created by the American Heart Association that mails a box to your home with a DVD and a small blow up manikin for everyone in the home to practice on. This is the Friends and Family training box set.

As you can see there are avenues to learn that takes outside of the traditional classroom setting. I hope you found this valuable and consider one of the options if you do not want to take the full knowledge hands on course. Lets learn CPR ourselves and also make our parents and children learn this amazing life safety technique too.

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