Who is the Real Hero? -

Who is the Real Hero?

Many people wonder how to react when someone faints or feels as though he or she is about to die. The typical reaction is to take a breath and put their hands over their mouth. The seconds that are ticking by allows whatever the ailment it may be to get worse or get better. The simple fact that human nature (and that’s what it is) caused a temporary suspended animation of the thought process of the brain really doesn’t make it an excuse not to react at all. In this world today, there are people who will do nothing when someone needs medical help, or for that matter, any help at all. Oh, there are people who WILL react and make a difference in the future history of that person’s life because that victim now has the opportunity to meet and play with their grandchildren.

Those people who decide to help a person who is in need are truly Hero’s. It’s not because they wear a cape, a mask, can fly, and perhaps can leap over tall buildings in a single bound, or can run faster than a lightning bolt. It is not because they happen to be an Avenger. It is because they have a heart and care about a complete stranger. That is what makes a hero. That stranger may turnout to be an icon in the near future or the person who discovers the cure for cancer and other debilitating deceases like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and other deceases that kills our children every single day of a single year.

The good thing about being human is that after that temporary suspended animation of the brain, we tend to recover. We swoop into action and do what is necessary to save the life of a complete stranger. First, we ask, “are you alright.” Whether we get a response or not, we improvise to help them breath when they are not; we stop the bleeding when they are, we recognize something that is out of the ordinary and takes positive action to rectify it. Then we use the technology of today’s world by calling 911 on our cellphone. You know; that is the device that over 95 percent of the population uses every 60 seconds.

Once emergency services are on the way, hero’s stay by the side of the victim for comfort, performing life-saving maneuvers like Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and keeping them warm, or if it is hot, cooling them off. These heroes are not doing the typical nature of that small percent of the world’s population like taking the money from their purse or wallet, removing jewels and taking their vehicle. Yes! There are people in the world who will disregard the negative wants of what we all know as “crooks” and do what is right.

You are a HERO! Whether you like it or not, you are a HERO! All of us have that capability within us. We have the power to do what is right, no matter how busy we think we are because when you put busy and saving the life of a complete stranger in the same sentence, saving the life overrides busy by light years. Why is that? Because the future of our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond that is at stake. That person who you save is one of the millions who will advance the face of technology and allows us as the human race to step forward into tomorrow.

When we look at the news either on the social media or television, we see chaos, disasters (manmade and natural), sickness, children with cleft palates, children dying from cancer and sometimes preventable deceases, children and adults dying from cancer and trauma, people dropping from cardiac arrest which is preempted by a heart attack, hungry people, including animals, and the list goes on. All we have to do is to activate the hero who is inside of all of us. Let us make a difference for our future, and let us not jump so quick to conclusions regarding the activities of our public servants. Sit back and watch the replay or read the investigations. Then when you feel you have to act, do so in an orderly and peaceful manner.

The world is ours but we have to take care of it and ourselves if we are to survive and step into tomorrow. Our children depend on us to make decisions that are good, safe and useful for the benefit of everyone. The hero exists, and that hero is you.

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