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HIPAA Training & Course

HIPAA is the abbreviation for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA is a federal law, which was enacted in the year 1996 for attempting to increment healthcare reforms. The whole intention of HIPAA is to reform and enhance the healthcare industry via the reduction of costs, simplification of administrative burdens and processes, improvement of security and privacy of information of patients. HIPAA training and courses are available for individuals and groups. Every physician practice has to be update as per the HIPAA procedures and policy.

Traditional methods of employee training are daunting. You need to set up instructors, classrooms and also get someone to rearrange different schedules according to various classes. Furthermore, you also have to track and maintain order on students who are or who are not taking the classes in numerous databases and manual paper records. In the online training process, you don’t have to fret over maintaining paper records or doing manual database updates. The entire process will be done online, which you can access through usernames and passwords. Such is the benefits of HIPAA compliance courses and training programs.

HIPAA training program provides information related to HIPAA mostly in a questionnaire format. The point of discussion will be about:

  • HIPAA security rule that sets national criteria and standards for electronic security protected health details and information.
  • HIPAA privacy rule that provides privacy protection of identifiable health information.
  • Patent Safety rules and its confidentiality provisions that provide protection to identifiable information, which can be used for patient analysis, regarding his/her safety events and enhancement of patient safety.

Who requires HIPAA security training?

Students, staff and faculty in –

  • Physician’s asocial program
  • School of medicine
  • Department of psychology clinics
  • School of nursing
  • Benefits office staff
  • Health services
  • Information Technology Services

HIPAA Privacy Training is available for –

  • Research staff
  • Clinical care providers
  • Administrative staff

You can undergo HIPAA training course through online sources or in a classroom. Typical price range of such a program is anywhere around $300, covering both security and privacy rules and regulations in respective medical field or organization. Employees usually undergo such trainings but managers are also mandated to opt for the same. You can decide on the HIPAA type or degree course on the basis of your role in your company or organization. However, each and every HIPAA course is designed and made comprehensible with modules based on awareness in association to security, privacy and electronic transactions as well. By taking up the training program and course, you will gain legal knowledge and an opportunity to work in an ideal organization, where professionalism is upheld.

In the healthcare field, there is a requirement of independent certification and accreditation of products and facilities, workforce member licensing etc. Therefore, it is only natural to get certified and become capable of safeguarding information of patients, if you are working in the healthcare industry. Such certification is a positive and strong indication of growth and performance of high level that at a tactical level!

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