How to Give Chest Compressions in CPR -

 This quick reference will help you approach and perform chest compression till help arrives. 

  1. Kneel beside the casualty and locate one of his lowermost ribs with your lower hand. Move your fingers to the point where ribs meet at the breastbone. Place your finger at this point and your index finger above it on the lower breastbone.
  2. Place the heel of your other hands on the breastbone, and slide it under until it reaches your index finger. This is the point at which you should apply pressure.
  3. Place the heel of your first hand on top of the other hand, and interlock your fingers.
  4. Leaning well over the casualty with your arms straight, press vertically down and depress the breastbone approximately 4-5 cm (1½-2 in). Release the pressure without removing your hands.
  5. Compress the chest 15 times, aiming for a rate of about 100 compressions per minute. Then give two breaths of artificial ventilation. Continue this cycle of alternating 15 chest compressions with two breaths of artificial ventilation until help arrives.

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