How to Give Resuscitation to an Adult ( Adult CPR) -

If you see an unconscious adult in front of you, following is the process to give him/her resuscitation.

    1. Check the Casualty’s response
      Check for danger and then gently shake the casualty to see if he/she responds. If the casualty does not respond, shout for help and dial 911.


    1. Opening the airway and check breathing
      Lift the chin and tilt the casualty’s head back to top to keep the airway open. Check for breathing for up to 10 seconds. (Read about the ABC of Resuscitation)
      If the casualty is breathing turn him into the recovery position.


    1. If there is no Breathing
      Carefully remove any visible obstructions from the casualty’s mouth, such as broken or loose dentures, however, do no try to remove well fitting dentures. Keep the airway open by titlting the head back, then pinch the casualty’s nostrils together and give two breaths


    1. Check the circulation
      Take the pulse for 10 seconds to check the circulation. (If you don’t know how to check the pulse, read this. ) if the Pulse is present, continue artificial ventilation.


  1. Give the Casualty CPR
    Combine chest compressions and artificial ventilation until professional medical help arrives.

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