Infant CPR Quiz for Test Preparation -

Infant CPR Quiz for Test Preparation

Try our free quiz to prepare for CPR test questions or to generally brush-up your knowledge about dealing with emergency situations around kids and infants. 

Questions and Quiz for Infant CPR – Ideal for babysitters, daycare professionals and parents

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1. Which of the following signs are true If something is blocking the baby’s airway?


2. Coughing is the most effective way to dislodge a blockage


3. If an infant is unconscious, how long should you check for pulse before starting CPR?


4. If you are alone, you should start CPR at a compressions-to-breaths ratio of


5. If you have additional help, start high-quality CPR at a compressions-to-breaths ratio of


6. When performing compressions on an infant, compress the chest by pushing down about how many inches


7. You cannot use an adult AED on an infant


8. If you are not alone, switch who is giving CPR every


9. How many chest compressions should you deliver in a minute


10. The best place to try to find a pulse in a child is


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