CPR Expert Interview Series Featuring Ennis C Jackson

INTERVIEW SERIES – Featuring Ennis C Jackson

Welcome to our Expert Interview Series. Today we present, Ennis C Jackson. Ennis is an expert columnist at CPR Headquarters and Advance Life Support caregiver providing emergency care, training, motivating and educating on a national level for over 35 years. He has a strong concentration and enormous success in business consultation, motivational and safety speaking, minor project management and customer service management. Ennis has been a Supervisor and Associate Supervisor in California, Okinawa Japan, and S. Korea with experience in leading teams and managing large groups of personnel.

Tell our readers about why you chose to pursue a career in life safety and emergency medical?

It was no surprise that I wanted to elevate my level of education, and since there were so many, in the field to choose from, being a scientist outshone the brightest light. However, due to my family background, and lack of financial capability, I was declined entrance (even for a grant or scholarship) into some schools that would permit me to prove that I could make it. I wanted to focus on physics, as astronomy interest me the most. Since this was no longer an option, I turned to the military.

I still feel good in knowing the truth. I saved his life.

I entered the military, in hopes of receiving a paid education, and that too fell short. I was assigned as a Navy Corpsmen who cared for sick and injured military and their families. I adored this job and decided to learn more about it. It was intriguing, fascinating, and sometimes mindboggling, as I was in positions to save lives, and even bring life into the world. It felt good. I received numerous awards. Consequently, I departed the military, after 10 years. I became a National Registered Paramedic where I provided life-saving skills that proved beneficial for those family members who didn’t think they would ever see their loved ones again. This was after transporting their family, lights and sirens, to the hospital.

Although, I enjoyed the position as a paramedic, I still wanted to elevate my education. It was American Medic Response (AMR) who hired me and from that point on, my career has blossomed in the form of numerous recognitions.

Enlighten our readers about your vast experience as a paramedic at American Medical Response?

It was winter of 1990, when I was assigned as a paramedic, providing care for the citizens and visitors of San Diego County. With that time of 27 years, and the 10 years in the Navy, my EMS experience exceeds 37 years. My encounters included gunshot wounds, stabbings, childbirth, cardiac arrest, psychological emergencies, and literally everything that is mentioned in the Mosby’s paramedic training book; plus more.

In addition to the emergencies, I created a PowerPoint presentation where I speak to businesses, high schools, the military and other companies, on the dangers of making bad choices; the choices that places employees and students in prison, the hospital intensive care unit, paralyzed, or in the grave. I have received national recognition for that. With the awards from the military and from AMR, the number exceeds seven.

AMR has been an incredible company who cares (extremely) for their employees. They make every effort to meet their needs and the needs of their customers. The company is nationally recognized and has increased their services to meet the needs of the national healthcare community. Their basic and advance level EMT’s, doctors, nurses, fleet, managers, and support personnel are professional and eager to extend the professional appearance, and language of the company. This is what I do, and is extremely proud to be a part of.

Did you ever apply your skills in a real life scenario?

My skills are applied in real life events, just about every time I go to work. This is related to the fact that 911 is a universal number that every person knows about. However, it is a Christmas present that is wrapped nicely; sometimes with a red ribbon. You don’t know what’s inside. You may have an idea, but you are not always right. Once you open it, you must deal with whatever it is, and that is the best part. All of your training kicks in, and your ability to improvise and follow local protocols is a unique skill that has grown inside of you, with the passing of time, and the involvement of different emergencies.

I did, however, have to use my skills and training while not on the job. It was early morning, as I set in heavy traffic on the I-10 freeway of Los Angeles City. A young male motorcyclist was creeping through traffic by slipping between cars. Suddenly, he lost control and went down. He slid under a garbage truck and was partially run over. His legs were crushed. I exited my vehicle, immediately, and ran to assist him. The truck kept moving. I pulled him away from the wheels as it nearly ran over his head. I saved his life, and felt really good.

Eventually the fire department with the highway patrol arrived and took over care. All of them thanked me for getting involved, because it made a difference. Unfortunately, a few months later, I got a knock on my door. It was a private investigator who served a paper; a paper that indicated that I was being sued for causing the injury to the young motorcyclist. Of course this was false information but the bottom line was that the man got $100,000 from my insurance company, who did not want to fight it in court. They settled.

Yes… There are times, on and off duty when I use my skills that actually makes a difference in the life of the people who I care for. Most of the time that wrapped Christmas present turns out to be something good, or something bad. The motorcyclist never thanked me for saving his life. However, I still feel good in knowing the truth. I saved his life.

How do you stay updated about the latest developments in the industry?

Every two years, paramedics, nurses, doctors, EMT’s and any other healthcare provider must have a certain amount of classes or continuous education in their particular field. They also must update themselves on the changing procedures and protocols of their county. This is a very good way of staying informed of the many new procedures and inventions that are produced on an annual basis. Moreover, these healthcare providers become instructors which enlightened their repertoire, even more.

I am an instructor of Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS), Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS), Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR; All levels), Wilderness Training, and First Aid. In addition, I have a BS in Business Administration, an MBA in Business Management, and am currently working on a PH.D in Public Service Leadership, concentrating on Emergency Management. Even more, I am a National Registry Representative who administers the psychomotor skills exam for advance EMT’s and Paramedics.

Yes… I did find a school that would give me a shot at higher education, and with my credentials, it looks like I could have easily achieved my earlier goals.

A few words about CPR Headquarters.

I learned about CPR Headquarters a few months ago. Before getting involved, I researched exactly what their product is and what it can do for the public, and as well, for me.

I found that they are a very serious business who wants to enlighten the public on CPR information and safety issues through carefully researched authors. They are published on Facebook, and as well, they have their own sight. They engage writers who work and have the knowledge to speak (in words) about their profession and their ideas of safely when approaching any situation.

When corresponding with their co-founder, the timing has been perfect. My questions are answered, even in the wee hours of the night. This brings comfort and satisfaction that this company is for real, and has the capability to expand their knowledge, customer service, and vital information for the community, into the next millennium.

I have read some of their authors work, and it is amazing. Their author’s knowledge base clearly identifies their concerns and how it can be beneficial to the reader. It would be abashed not to read what the authors have written. The information can surely bring comfort, knowledge, and understanding on a subject that the reader may have had questions about for quite some time.

CPR Headquarters is a much needed entity that fits well in the community of healthcare information. It is not too complicated, such as a PH.D astrophysics test, and it is easy to understand, without elaborate and hard to comprehend words.

The company also provides helpful links that the reader can refer to, should he or she have further questions about a subect.

Bravo for the founders of CPR Headquarters.

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