CPR Expert Interview Series Featuring John Careccia

INTERVIEW SERIES – Featuring John Careccia

Welcome to our Expert Interview Series. Today we present, John Careccia. John is an expert columnist at CPR Headquarters and an AHA Instructor Trainer since 1993. He has been involved at all levels of CPR science development and the introduction of various CPR enhancement techniques and equipment. Since retiring from the Port Authority in 2000, he has been actively spreading the news of increased effectiveness of improved CPR teaching and training by attending National and Local EMS conferences and presenting at the annual ECCU conference. In addition, he spends a good deal of time teaching AHA CPR and First Aid to doctors, nurses, PCT”s, EMTs, and security personnel in hospitals, doctors and dentists offices, Professional Trainers, gyms, shopping malls and pharmacies in New York and New Jersey. He also volunteers as EMT- BLS IT with the Woodbridge Township Ambulance & Rescue Squad as Chief of Operations and Training Director.

Tell our readers about why you chose to pursue a career in life safety and emergency medical?

I decided to pursue a career in Emergency Medical Care in 1993 after seeing what 2 emergency responders did to save my son. I decided then and there that I would pay it forward. I became a volunteer EMT in 1993 and started teaching CPR in 1994. I realized early on that I was able to teach others how to apply life saving techniques effectively especially when it came to using CPR to save lives. I developed a unique approach to teaching CPR more from a practical rather than technical application.

I personally have 9 saves

What’s unique about Solutions 4 Less LLC and how do you ensure quality training?

I developed Solutions 4 Less LLC to help people in all aspects of EMS care and safety, especially with CPR. When I interview my clients I find out more about them and their specific needs and try and address any needs or concerns during the class. I teach AHA CPR and First Aid. Each student is given the entire class as required by AHA guidelines. If there is a specific need I address it during or after the class.

Did you ever apply your skills in a real life scenario?

As a volunteer EMT for Woodbridge Twp Ambulance and Rescue Squad in Woodbridge NJ, I have used these skills and techniques often. I personally have 9 saves and some of my team members have one or two.

How do you stay updated about the latest developments in the industry?

I stay updated by attending seminars and presenting at yearly ECCU events. I am an avid reader and read many articles on CPR techniques and join in discussions on Linked In..

A few words about CPR Headquarters.

I have been associated with CPR Headquarters for about 6 months. I have visited their site and was impressed with what they are trying to do. I appreciate the opportunity to provide them with articles and suggestions for performing CPR easier and I hope more effectively. I believe they are providing good material to those who want to perform CPR better.

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