CPR Expert Interview Series Featuring Brady McLaughlin

INTERVIEW SERIES – Featuring Brady McLaughlin

Today we are excited to present an exclusive interview with Brady McLaughlin, our expert columnist. Brady has a passion for delivering easy, engaging, and effective CPR+AED solutions via dynamic training and fun deliveries. His professional background in public safety (police, fire, and EMS) combined with his experience in academia as a university professor allows Brady to create a dynamic learning environment for students to master the life-saving skills of CPR and first aid. Currently, Brady serves as the Chief Operations Officer at Trio Safety CPR+AED Solutions, headquartered in Birmingham, AL serving the Southeastern United States. He oversees the daily operations of over 140 instructors responsible for training over 10,000 students annually. He enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and serving at his local church.

Tell our readers about why you chose to pursue a career in life safety and emergency medical?

Ever since I was a small child, I was intrigued by emergency services and response. More specifically, I wanted to be the best thing in someone’s worst moments. Throughout my high school years I served as a Police Explorer, Fire Explorer, Lifeguard, and 9-1-1 dispatcher. I obtained my EMT certification and became a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician as well while in high school. It was no surprise that I chose to earn my Masters of Science in Emergency Management from Jacksonville State University: my passion is truly serving others in the context of crisis. .

2. What’s unique about Trio Safety CPR+AED and how to do ensure quality training?

Trio is unique because of our laser focus: making CPR+AED training easy, engaging, and effective. We apply our motto to everything we do. We believe that by making registration easy and the classes fun and engaging that the life-saving skills our students learn will be applied effectively when seconds count. All of our Staff Instructors have backgrounds in either healthcare, public safety/EMS, or professional education – meaning our students are receiving only the best-of-the-best when it comes to blending the classroom with real-world experience. One common thread all of our Staff Instructors have is passion – they are truly passionate about helping our students be prepared, comfortable, and confident in CPR. We also ensure quality in every class by obtaining anonymous course evaluations, monitoring classes, and conducting staff development training every month.

Did you ever apply your skills in a real life scenario?

Yes I have. As a firefighter/EMT and police officer, I’ve had to use CPR and the AED many times to help resuscitate patients in the pre-hospital setting. Also, as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, I’ve used my skills over the phone to walk the callers through the steps of CPR.

How do you stay updated about the latest developments in the industry?

I, along with the rest of our Staff team, attend seminars, annual conferences, and continuing education opportunities around the country to learn the ‘latest and greatest’ when it comes to high-quality CPR, teaching, training, and technology. We also encourage our non-EMS staff to ride along with local ambulance crews to gain more experience. ..

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