Interview with Yolanda Williams of Encore CPR & First Aid Training -

I  had a great time interacting with Yolanda when her company Encore CPR & First Aid Training was featured in the Top 100 CPR Companies list published by CPR HQ. I asked her for an interview and she was kind enough to give us time and talk about her company and her training. So without further ado, here is the interview.







• Why did you start Encore CPR and what motivated you?
I have been a health care provider since 1999, working in a hospital. I have seen the timid, shocking reactions to emergency situations and the alarming rise in heart diseases. I wanted to make a difference by training other health care providers in CPR and  first aid and how to properly use an AED. For heart health, I created a blog chock-full of eating tips and posts about local active events.

• Tell us about your training and what differentiates Encore CPR from others?
We provide health care professional courses, workplace/community courses, and community training programs. HPCs are for professional care givers who directly care for patients and must show certification in advanced level life support training. Community courses are designed for non-health care professionals to meet OSHA safety compliance and certification while at work. CTPs are CPR classes for general knowledge without certification.

• What’s your take on online CPR courses? Are you pro or against it and why?
Pro! All the way! Online CPR is a means of convenience for students who lack ample time. It is always better than nothing. However, classroom practice ensures confirmation of skills necessary to provide adequate circulation and air supply to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. Also students get to ask questions in the classroom.

• How do you recruit your instructors? What do you look for?
Instructors we have on staff, currently have been instructors for various healthcare industry programs. Confidence in the course material, correct demonstration of skills and compliance with the American Heart Association 2010 guidelines are important for our instructors, and what we sought in them.

• Tell us about a typical day at Encore CPR?
A typical day at Encore CPR and First Aid Training include answering phone calls, emails and postcard marketing campaign questions. Confirming registration data for an upcoming class, sending blog posts and social media posts on healthy eating and living tips are priority. And teaching various healthcare professional courses, workplace courses such as First Aid, CPR AED, BLS, ACLS, Bloodborne Pathogen, and pediatric first aid CPR AED classes of which we receive certification. We also offer general knowledge classes that are not certified, which are called communities training program courses. These are the friends and family CPR (facilitated by AHA instructors) or family and friends CPR anytime, which is video guided training without AHA instructors. We are consistently scheduling corporate On-site training  at schools, businesses and offices to alleviate lengthy commute to our classrooms.

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